How many of you ....

arent having real flowers for your posies, bouquet etc? Have you seen the crystal ones out there on ebay!? They are gorgeous!


  • im not im having fake and they are gorgeous cant really tell difference to be honest
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I had a real one and my bridesmaids were artificial, they looked amazing

    bridesmaids were £15 each

    Mine was £15

  • If you have silk flowers you can keep them as a momento afterwards image xx
  • I'm thinking of making a bead, button, brooch, crystal and ribbon flower bouquet for myself, plus the bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl wands and possibly the button holes. I think my mum may kill me though.
  • im having real flowers for my bouquet but i got foam flower bouquets for the bridesmaid... they are lovely.
  • i wrote a whole blog post about this just the other day...

    i am not really a flower person and they are sooooooo expensive! some silk flowers look lovely and i have also considered making a brooch bouquet too like SpecialSunae!

    I have not bought any myself but seen sarah's flowers recommended on here a few times. depends what you want though i suppose. i think i fancy either a bit of something sparkly, or berries rather than flowers (as i am getting married in December)

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