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I am portrait photographer recently getting into weddings and looking to get further experience.

Would be willing to shoot church weddings in exchange for travel costs.

Covering all of UK. If interested please contact me at [email protected] Also visit website


  • ClazzClazz Posts: 26
    Just in exchange for travel costs? Are you mad? Just seen your photo's and they are good! What abouts in the UK are you?
  • He's in Ireland according to the registrant details.
  • Thanks for the compliment, appreciated, however feel I need to get a few more weddings under belt before taking commissioned work.

    From Newcastle originally and still have house there, however working out of Dublin studio for last few years.

    With cheap Ryan-air flights normally try to get back to Newcastle once every 4-6 weeks. This would seem a good way to get more visits home and build up wedding portfolio as well.

    Looking to relocate back to UK at some point in near future hence reason for seeking UK weddings.

  • Do the weddings need to be soon ? Were getting married at a small village church in Leicestershire next summer x
  • Next summer would be perfect. When you know dates and details feel free to send me an e-mail on [email protected]
  • Have just emailed you . Thanks
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