Lancashire Brides

Hello ladies - just thought i'd let you know that if you are looking for AMAZING wedding bits, i've just been Barton Grange Garden centre at preston and in there christmas shop they have some amazing things that could be used for weddings - i grabbed some bargins - Thankyou's for the bridesmaids - photo frames £3.99 - cheaper than debenhams..... really chuffed!!

Well worth visiting , i wasnt really looking for anything either!xx


  • I used to live very close to there, its a pretty good place, and especially for Xmas things too!
  • We're having our reception at the Barton Grange hotel just down the road from it.

    I do love the new garden centre, especillay the food there. Oh and I don't know if you've seen a picture of the mens urinals but they're all flowers!

    Will have to pop in there soon to check out the christmas stuff and the little offers - thanks for the advice!
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