flower budget

hey ladies - we are on a small budget for flowers due to going over on many other things.

What is ur florist budget and what are you getting for this

Thanks L x


  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Hi there,

    i didn't agree with the price of flowers and instead of having uneeded flowers we replaced various bits and pieces

    My bridesmaids were artificial costing me £20 each, my table decorations were non floral with lights which cost £20 each, my pew ends i made from tulle costing £1 each.

    this was my flower bill, my bouquet of 3 red roses on a big leaf to hold across my arm, 12 rose button holes, all in £80 including delivery


    Total bill £380 plus i stil have bits and pieces to sell from the table decs
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  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    she doesn't want dresses you spamming pr!ck

    have you considered doing them yourself or getting a friend to help?

    you can get a HELL of a lot of flowers from a wholesaler (or even dare I say it the supermarkets if you're prepared to leave it til the last minute and not be too fussy about what you get?)

    I'm doing mine, my budget is £100 (plus extra to buy old tins and jugs from ebay for a rustic look) and I've planned out what I can get from the wholesalers - it's plenty. I think £380 is an awful lot for artificial and I'm not that keen on the look personally xx
  • LanneyukLanneyuk Posts: 179
    I paid £60 for my flowers, £60 for both my bridesmaid flowers, £2.50 per button hole or coursage and £10 per table centre.

    Including £20 delivery charge, it came to £300.

    I had no idea how much flowers were going to cost when we started planning and I only went to one florist - she knows my family and runs a tiny local florist so really wanted her ot do my flowers - looking on here since we got married, I think we had a really good deal. Did have fairly simple flowers (table decs were just white tulips) and i did a lot of things for the wedding myself but didn't want to be stressing about flowers (i have black fingers i think and usually manage to kill every plant i buy!!)
  • VITFAVITFA Posts: 316
    thanks amy - we are doing rustic old vintage teapots - what wholesaler are you using - i have thot and toyed with the idea L x
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