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INVITATIONS- How much/where did you print?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if any of you have had invitations printed, where and how much it cost?

I am looking at having an invitation designed by an Etsy seller, and then getting it printed myself, once I am sent the electronic files.

I am looking at around 100 invites, 100 RSVP's, 100 Insert cards and 80 thank you cards for each person at their seat.

I have contact a few printers in my area, but they are being really slow at responding with quotes ( I have only had 1 back) and I'm wondering if there is a well known place online that would be cheaper/easier, and if the quote I do have is a lot or about right.

Would love to hear about your experiences/advice- where did you have yours printed? Are you happy with them? What did you have printed and how much did it cost?




  • Hello, a friend is making mine - shes charging £1 for evening and £1.50 for day invites, that includes making, printing and envelopes..... cant do it for that. where you based?? xx
  • I've heard that vistaprint are good....I used cards by sophie and love them.
  • i got mine from vista print , there really good quaility , i got 100 invations , evenlope seals and stickers printed for my favours and it cost 46 quid that was with 50 percent off. I did not got rvsp , inserts or thank you cards x
  • Thanks Ladies, do you know if you can have any size of card you want on Vistaprint though? I can only seem to find 2 size templates for Invitations, and neither of them are the size I want!

    I wish I could just have an option to totally make my own thing from scrtch on there, liek choose paper size and everything. Can you actually do this?

  • perhaps see if someone can make them locally for you?? you'll be suprised , and then you can choose exactly what you fancy....
  • Hi, I got mine from a website, were fantastic couldn't have made them cheaper. Got 90 A6 card invites with side ribbon and 90 RSVP cards all printing included for £100. Super quick delivery too

  • We designed our own invites and then printed through kall-kwik which costs about £80 for 55 invites and inserts. They were really good.
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