Wedding Favour Ideas

Hi Ladies,

I'm really stuck on ideas for my wedding favours and want something original but not too expensive!

I have around 130 guests so cant go crazy cost-wise but not too keen on the usual sweets/chocolates/mints etc!

Thanks xx


  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    i was doing traditional boxed favour with chocs but now changed my mind... i get married at xmas so having individual gingerbread men

  • Vicky44ukVicky44uk Posts: 325
    I've made tiny gift bags with little rope handles and I'm filling these with the traditional 5 sugared almonds, some heart chocs in silver foil and also as we marry on 11/11/11 a poppy pin which you can buy off the website in bulk, we're also giving all the male wedding party members poppy cufflinks, one of our ushers is in the army and so was my Grandad and other family members so it feels very fitting. x
  • SoCSteelySoCSteely Posts: 188
    we are giving a scratch card and 5 sugared almonds in a little bag that you can get from hobbycraft..
  • we are having a selection of favours/treats for our guests:

    at each place setting will be a little cellophane bag containing a tea bag and tied with a label - on one side it will say 'the perfect blend' and on the other will have an extract from our 'love story' - "Scott had never drunk so much tea in his life and Alex had never been so happy to get up on a saturday morning"

    there will be a big bowl of matchboxes covered in handmade covers - some will be printed with the definition of marriage 'the perfect match' and others with our names and wedding date. There will be a bowl next to this with mini sparklers in.

    There will be a puzzle piece shaped cookie on each place setting which will double up as a place setting by being iced with the guests name (handmade)

    and for the kids a treasure hunt and goody bag with masks/tiaras/wands/bubble/little games and sweets

    having a sweety buffet and 'midnight snacks' of doughnuts, popcorn and milk and cookies all of which guests will be more than welcome to take away image

    we aren't spending a lot on these as they are all DIY but hopefully these little touches (alongside welcome bags in the hotel rooms) will make a big impact image

  • If you're on a budget, I do think sweets/chocolates are the cheapest option. Originally, we were going to go with Love Hearts, but now because our colour scheme is Cadburys purple, we're going to be putting little Dairy Milk's into small silver organza bags.
  • Thanks for all your suggestions ladies....

    Vicky44 - love your idea with poppies and very personal to you which is brilliant!

    As i'm doing a sweet buffet too, and personalised chocs with the coffees, i'm trying to stay away from sweets but there are not too many options!

    Alex - i'm doing little goody boxes for the kids the same as you are but love the idea of the treasure hunt?? can you tell me more about how you did this??

    also - at what age are you cutting off at for the goody bags??

    I have children / teenagers of all ages and thought that maybe Primary school age and below would be suitable for a goody bag??

    Thanks xx
  • San1969San1969 Posts: 577
    Hi, have a look at these websites, they do some great favours that are very unusual.
  • paulavikipaulaviki Posts: 527
    I've bought little organza bags off ebay (way cheaper than hobbycraft!) and am just going to fill them with pick and mix.

    To be honest I don't think its worth spending too much time and effort on favours as most of them seem to have been left behind at most of the weddings I've been to!
  • What about candles?

    You could buy the votive candles in bulk and then personalise them with ribbon (or even order personalised stickers for the glass or something).
  • We also wanted something different (and relatively cheap) we decided on chinese foutune cookies which are all individually wrapped in foil (colour of your choice)
  • We weren't planning on doing favours orginally, having a sweetie buffet instead. However now starting to change my mind as I'm not sure the venue will approve.

    We're trying to go for a vintage/retro theme, so I had thought about getting glass coke bottles, tying a lable around them and making them double up as the favour/place setting. But I can't figure out if this is a cute idea or not?
  • im going to have love heart biscuits which a a friend is going to whip up the day before and h2b is mad on tea lol were naming our tables after tea ie english rose garden and so on, so we got teabags that match the name for every table (they are in little bags image )who dont love tea and biscuits lol but all in all they have only cost £20 for bargin
  • Hi,

    I like the idea of the retro bottles but would that work out expensive?

    Also would your guests get it?

    I had quite a few kooky ideas but H2B is a bit more straight laced than me so we shelved them haha xx
  • I sell homemade seed papers in many different designs and colours. You give them as favours to your guests and all they need to do is plant them, water them and give them sunlight and lovely flowers will grow directly from the paper to remind them of your special day!

    Check out my website for different

    Here are a few pictures:

    Plus - You and Your wedding members are entitled to a 20% discount on their order - just email me your order to [email protected] with the subject line "YAYW 20% discount".

    Shiobhan x
  • Louise266Louise266 Posts: 367
    I found these which i really like, they are pretty unusual!

    Im not sure wether to go for them or not yet tho!!

    Louise xx
  • Hi there

    I handmake different flavours of fudge and scottish tablet that you could use as wedding favours
  • Butterfly-magic i love you seed paper idea. They look great. I am noy looking at sorting me favours out just yet but closer to the time will i still be able to get 20% on them?

    Jo x
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    We are having the traditional 5 almonds in these boxes:

    and these for the women as it is a cause close to our hearts.

    There are loads of ideas out there though.
  • As we both have a love of music, we are thinking of making personalised CDs for each guest. Our fist dance will be on there and any other songs that are meaningful to us.
  • I always think that the best favours are favours that have some kind of meaning to you both - like the examples above with the tea!

    We're having chocolate favours - when me and H2B first met, the first thing that we said to each other was about a box of chocolates. Now he buys me the same box every year on our anniversary, and so we are having them as favours. We are also having Help for Heroes charity pins (H2B is military) and Cancer Research trolley tags (as both of my grandparents passed away from cancer) xx
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    I'm having miniatures filled with homemade lemoncello with a handmade corsage. It's working out at about £2.00 per favour

  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hannikins, I love your favours!

    We married abroad so we had personalised fans and personalised lip balm tins for the ladies and personalised mint tins and pearl cufflinks for the gents x
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