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Hi girls,

I was wondering if anyone had or had quotes for, orchids in centre pieces for their tables? I'd really like to find out what prices might be, if I'm shooting over budget or not! My problem is wedding isn't until 2012 and it's too soon to start talking to florist (what can I say, I'm mega excited and at the point where, if it weren't for budget, could have my wedding this year!). I google searched orchid flower arrangements and it's been my best find in terms of pictures I like (just one type of orchid in tall vases). Or has anyone else considered them, but found a cheaper alternative? Really appreciate any comments or suggestions image




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    If you want orchids, like we do, I suggest buying them in pots from supermarkets or Ikea (cost from £5-10). It is far cheaper than paying a florist, and you can just plop them on the tables and they will look beautiful! That is what we are doing- there are some in Tesco and Waitrose which have beautiful ceramic white pots, or you could wrap in coloured tissue paper the cheaper ones xx
  • Definately not too soon to speak to a florist - we are getting married in March 2012 and I saw the florist today. We wanted tall centrepieces, silver candleabras(sp?) with heaps of pastel coloured orchids and no foliage (I now know the more foliage, the less flowers and so the cheaper) but apparently they are the one of the most expensive flowers we could've chosen! I was quoted between. 200 and 500pounds per centrepiece dependant on size!!! Not great when you have ten tables to do! There are cheaper alternatives they can use though with the same colours. Plus as you are getting married in April you will have heaps of choice as mostly everything is easily available and so should be slightly cheaper then. I would post the pic I took to the florist but can't work out how to do it image Hope this helps a little.
  • I wanted orchids at first too but swiftly changed my mind when I found out how much they cost!!
  • Hi

    I did want to have orchids and managed a few, but unfortunately the ash cloud last year crushed hopes of having a lot.

    I used an independant florist and she sourced very well. Expect to be paying top dollar, they are the most expensive flower. I too hate foliage, and my bouquet was about £250, the tables were about £160 as I ended up with hardly any orchids- but many in the water in the neck of the vase which looked beautiful, contemporary and also showed off the orchids the best. Can send you photos if you message me.

  • Thank you for all the replies image I got the feeling I might have chosen something expensive when seeing the prices of single stemmed potted ones, although ls2blb, that is a very good suggestion, it was something I had considered but it's nice to know another bride has done the same thing I was thinking about! And Teapot3000, I'm soooo glad you've started visiting florists already, I had sent out some enquiry e-mails (as based in Brighton but getting married in Devon) and I got a rather snotty reply from one of them saying it was to soon. Although already had decided that I would NOT be using them, at least I've got my confidence back in terms of contacting others in the area. Very helpful comments as well, I'm not a flower person so the more info the better (and no worries about pics, it seems like the biggest mystery on this website)!!! All I can say to you honeybee1981 is I'm starting to think that flowers are like foods high in calroies- the prettier/yummier they are, the more expensive/fattening they can be! Not fair image
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