London Florist/Flower budget

Hi Ladies,

Does anyone have an idea of what they are budgeting for flowers?

I have a very rough idea of what I would like for my bouquet and what I would like for the venue but until I visit the venue again I don't have much of a clue on quantities etc.

Can anyone 1. recommend a florist either in London or surrounding areas and 2. tell me what you are spending on flowers?

I know it will vary so much depending on what flowers you are having and how big your venue is so even a rough idea of what people are having/getting for how much would be fantastic - I am really struggling with this!


Another thought - has anyone thought of buying wholesale the day before and arranging themselves?!


  • Hi,

    I'm getting married in London and although I haven't got a confirmed price yet as haven't decided on exactly what flowers I want, it's looking like it's going to be around £800 roughly for:

    Bridal bouquet

    2 bridesmaids bouquets

    1 basket of petals for flower girl

    12 table centre pieces, with petals scattered on tables

    2 decorated tree things, can't remember the name of them??

    6 buttonholes

    Think that's it!
  • Our budget is £1,500 but that's outside of London.

    The company is Richard Elder Floral Designs. Maybe you could contact them and see if they service London.
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