H2bs ring- help please!!

This is one of the last things that we still havnt got sorted. We are on a tight budget but want a very chunky, heavy duty ring as h2b does alot of manual work.

So can any recomend any places to get a budget but good quality gold ring?

Thanks xxx


  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Probably your best bet it to go to a non-chain store and get one made!! Your local family jeweler will probably give you more for your money and be less pretentious! Chain stores will always be more expensive and give you less qualilty for the amount you pay, but family jewelers work by their reputation and will give you a better deal. I'm lucky as I'm marrying into a family of skilled jewelers (my OH's dad makes unique pieces for Tiffany image )
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    Gold is a soft metal so if you can afford a different metal I'd consider it. Otherwise stick to 9 carat.

    I agree with looking at independant jewellers. Try somewhere with a lot of shops in one area like Hatton Garden or the Brighton Lanes as competition drives down prices.
  • Hey hun

    Tungstun is the way forward if you want something extremely hard wearing. It wont scratch, and its super super strong so wont bend.

    My other half is having titanium as they're in loads of high street shops and it meant he could try them on before he bought his. It was only £30 too, bargain! Doesnt look cheap though. Its really nice.

    I hope im ok posting a link, but this is the ring my bf has got:


    hope you get it sorted soon!! xx
  • LanneyukLanneyuk Posts: 179
    The jeweller that made my ring recommended titanium for my husband. He's a carpenter and we had been told that white gold would scratch/bent pretty easily. It was an independant jewellers but there are lots online to look at. Titanium is a darker colour than white gold or platinum but i think they look lovely. Other half wanted something a bit more modern and his si fab. (Also, really reasonably priced - bonus!)
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Hi, we got a titanium one for my OH from H Samuels. He really liked it and it was only £50. It's chunky and looks more fitting with his style.

    This website also has many titanium rings. http://www.uktitaniumjewellery.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11&products_id=142
  • thanks ladies for all the help, am going into town today so will definately have a look at titanium as well now- they look really classy and are definatly a good price!! Thats a good point aboutt looking in the independant jewellers too as have only been looking in the high street jewellers so far.

    Oh and Laurendf, you are very lucky to be marrying into a jewellers family- free jewellery for the rest of your life then!! image

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