DIY Invitations or Professional?

Hi girlies,

I've posted this in planning as well. I've already sorted my invitations for my wedding, but am starting my own venture into Bespoke stationery and just wondered roughly how many brides tend to chose DIY or professional - and your reasons for doing so?

Just doing some market research really, any answers much appreciated! xx


  • I have chosen proffesional- I am having a lovely local woman do mine, she makes bespoke all handmade stationary and I just fell in love with them, I have never seen invitations like them image

    Yes they are alot more expensive but I would never be able to make them myself to nearly that standard so they are so worth it!!

  • smee82smee82 Posts: 184
    DIY, I used to write for a craft/card making magazine and have won several cardmaking prizes until work took up all my time, I also have done 2 family members wedding stationary and 1 friends, have my own craft room at home so cant not do my own really!
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    DIY all the way!!!! Most of the time I look at 'professional' ones and they just look like they've gone a bit mad in hobbycraft! They are also very expensive. The only time I'd consider professional would be for letterpress stationery
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    DIY!! I love looking at professional ones, but they are too expensive to justify spending money on!! I can make save the dates, day and eve invites, and thank you cards for under £50 where as if I bought them they'd be over £200!
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