booking thr registrar

I'm so excited I'm going to book my registrar tomorrow, I went shopping for my dress last week. And I think I found the one! But I'm going to look at some other shops just in case lol. Also I got my save the date cards come through today. They are stunning, I got them from party delights, they don't have many choices, but they are cute the ones they do. Cc


  • mojojobiemojojobie Posts: 733
    It's all so exciting! How did you go about booking/ finding the registrar?

    I'm right at the start! We're going to see our dream wedding venue on sunday can't wait!! I'm really clueless about what to do next it's all new to me! xx
  • zoggy19zoggy19 Posts: 58
    well, the one in aylesbury (where we are getting married) you just walk in and have a chat with them. you talk about the cost, where you would want to get married and stuff like that. you need a venue before you can book though...

    due to large number of family members on both sides we have chose to keep day numbers to a minimum and only have close family and friends. and then the rest to the night...this will also save us about £7000!!!! as the venue we wanted, were charging that for the whole day. we would then have had to pay for food and drink ontop! so we have now decided that it was much more financially capable for us to just get married in the registry office.

    but it is all booked now, no turning back or changing minds lol =) xxxx
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