The 'average' budget for flowers?..Help please!


I'm really struggling to know what to budget for our flowers and what's typically 'expensive' or 'normal'?

I'm getting married in Devon on December 18th and we're only having flowers at our venue (where also marrying) - so none for church or bridesmaids and our wedding will only have 45 not a big big wedding and we're trying to keep a close lid on our not-very-big overall budget.

I really don't know if I should be allowing, £300 / £500 or £1000? (too much for me to pay!)... What would you think roughly:

6 table arrangements

2 other window sill arrangements

my bouquet

should come to in the Devon area?.. I know I haven't specified flowers but really am clueness what to pay..

Thanks for any advice!



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    I would ring round florists in the area you are getting married. Ask what flowers are in 'season' and therefore work out being a good price, explain what colours you are after & your budget. I'm having a white rose bouguet & 6 buttonholes, coming to £80. Our daytime venue could arrange table arrangements for us for £25 per table, but we're having silver candelabra's provided for free instead.
  • Many moons ago i used to work as a florist.

    My advice would be to find a florist you like first. Cheapest isnt always best - remember your flowers will be pictured as much as your dress.

    Then arrange a meeting with your florist - be honest - explain how much you can afford and what you want for this. If the florist is any good they can work for towards your budget and tastes. For example they might use in season flowers to lower the cost or suggest other tricks to suit you.

    Personally i would say £400 - £500 would be suitable for you. If you are flexible you can get it lower but i would ask to see examples eg photos so you understand what you are getting.

    The florist i used to work at was more expensive than some but my boss would order twice the flowers required for a wedding so she could use only the most perfect flowers (eg no bruised petals etc) so ask about the reasoning behind the price.

    one final point - unfortunately flower prices go up around christmas so some comparisons to other peoples flowers might not be valid - but again a good florist will help you to work around this!

    hope this helps!
  • Hi, im having 1 bouquet for me, 2 wands with flowers for my daughters, 2 pedestals in ceremony, display for register table which will double as top table display. flowers on top of cake and 4 flowers in my hair. 5 buttonholes and 5 corsages. my florist has shown me loads of example work and i really really trut her, which i think is good! all mine comes to about £300, which I think is brilliant. good luck x
  • hi if you find a good florist she will help you 2 work 2 a budget that suits you , 6 button( but were not having a flower were having foliage one) 1 corsage 8 jugs filled for centre piece my bouquet and 2 bridesmaids it has come 2 £260 but may come in cheaper if she can get may flowers from the uk depends on the summer lol
  • Thanks everyone, that really helps! I thought a budget of about £400 absolute maximum would be ok and hoped I'd get what I needed from this - I think good idea that I should just be upfront with the florist I've found and tell her that's all we can afford (or more like £350) and go from there...

    Next issue is how much photographers are quoting me!!

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