***Vera Wang Sample Sale***

Hi girls

I've heard that the Wedding Shop (inside Selfridges) is selling their old (2010) VW dresses at up to 75% off - apparently Vera is opening her own flagship London store mid Feb 2011 so they're getting rid of her old stuff left there. I heard the sale finishes on 31 Jan but the Sales Assistant said they should have some left up to mid - Feb. Has anyone been? I just can't get over some of the £5 - £6k dresses for £1,500!! Have any of you bought VW from elsewhere? Are they quite small? I imagine them to be size 6 - 8! (diet necessary!) x x x


  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    If you lok on the wedding shop website it actually lists all the dresses that are in the sale and there pricings.

    My friend has just boughth a full price dress there and said the samples are all 10 - 12.

    have fun image
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    There is a new VW shop opening up besides selfridges where Browns shoes used to be
  • elis31elis31 Posts: 44
    I wonder if they could hold something for me until I can get down to London! I think they're cheaper now than normal end of line sales because she's moving stores! Fingers crossed! Thanks for your help ladies.
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