Save the dates??

does anyone know if you are supposed to send save the dates to day and evening guests or just daytime guests?x


  • We have just sent ours to Daytime guests. Unless you specifically say on them Daytime/evening then I would send just Daytime x
  • 4June114June11 Posts: 233
    Ive just sent mine to the daytime guests
  • We sent to evening guests that need to travel - they need to book accommodation etc just the same as day guests, so still have to 'save the date'. I also sent to a large group of friends that will be split into day and evening, I don't think any will be offended by that but I know they would have been upset if they didn't all get save the date cards, and some maybe bumped to day depending on RSVPs. We are saying all our evening guests can come to the ceremony as well though so its just the drink reception and meal thats for day only. I think its up to you really - I dont think theres any rules x
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    Just day guests. I was worried that if I sent it to evening guests they would take it as a sign that they were invited all day.
  • Thanks ladies, nice to hear everyones thoughts! I think I might just send to everyone and then specify on them day/evening.
  • Entirely depends! We are only having 20 to our day, but over 100 to the evening. decided it was better not to send save the dates as people may think they were invited to the whole day.

    I've had a lot of brides who have sent and specified 'save the evening' or 'save the day'. it's up to the individual's requests really.

    Generally I think it's a good idea to do day guests and then evening guests who would need to travel/book accommodation or that you know take quite regular holidays x
  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    Yup I would say just day guests unless you have special 'save-the-evening' ones made. If I received a save-the-date I'd def expect to be invited to the whole day and would go ahead and book 2 nights accomodation if it was far away. You want to avoid confusing people! Also, I'm never really sure about save-the-evening cards anyway unless the guest doesn't have far to travel. If they have miles to travel and need to stay overnight I feel 'save-the-evening' is a bit cheeky as they will clearly have to spend the day travelling and then stay overnight so it becomes more than just an evening for them. I hope I'm making sense!

  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    It depends if you're marrying on a popular date? If you're marrying in the summer holidays and have guests who may be away, you may want to send the evening guests a save the date, though you should word it 'save the date for the evening reception of..'

    Then there's no confusion! image x
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