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Anyone else sick of saving!



  • Alexa1471Alexa1471 Posts: 1,959
    Fed up of saving and it's been 3 months so far!! ha ha!

    But we've made sure we have a little bit of room in the budget for 1 night out and 1 take away a month. No point stopping living for your wedding day....

    Worse thing is that we're gunna be saving the same amount after the wedding ready for children, it really is never ending. x
  • Sarah-2010Sarah-2010 Posts: 69
    US! It's getting quite painful! haha! everything we 'fancy' has to be contemplated and we spend loads of time with friends at eachothers houses cos we can't afford to go out.

    If we do get invited anywhere, we get excited but then worry about taking it out of the shopping money or the wedding money image

    Glad it''s not just us! We're cutting it fine now with a little shortfall so not sure if we may have to approach the bank before we get married in 9weeks! gulp image

    But her ladies, it will be soooooo worth it! image
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  • I totally agree with you all. image I've saved about £4000 and am aiming to have saved £20,000 by May 2013 which is seeming doable but at the minute I miss going out. image His parents are going to donate a little bit and so is my dad but as I'm unsure of how much we need to keep saving as much as possible. Owning a house seems impossible at this point. But I suppose if we were having a small cheap wedding it wouldn't be a problem, but we don't want to have any regrets and we are saving in loads of areas. Anything we have left over (if anything at all, we will save towards a deposit)
  • NowMrsWoodNowMrsWood Posts: 438

    It was only last night we had a blazing row over money!

    I have been buying lots of little bits every month so we don't have to rush out and panic buy closer to the time but H2B doesn't see it like that - I have been buying things like the post box, scatter cystals from Cox & Cox, bunting, picture frames, sweetie bags, sweetie jars, table trivia etc now so I don't have to worry about the smaller things later on but it has made me go a bit overdrawn so am not able to save as much - its just a vicious circle!

    We have saved £2000 but need to save another £8000 by May next year - its going to be tight! image
  • I am sick of saving! cant wait til my life starts again next week when we get married. We're both students have a two year old, and I work as a singer three/four nights a week, every penny we have had has went towards the wedding. But I am very proud that we have managed to do it. Our wedding has cost just under 15K including honeymoon. I will not know what to do with the money we have left every month! lol xx
  • MrsSaranneMrsSaranne Posts: 448
    Love that there are so many responsible brides not getting into debt, credit cards etc. Well done ladies.

    It took me from Oct 2009 and only 2 months away but all is budgeted and paid for.

    Keep at it! x
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Thank you for the inspiration ladies! We got engaged in December and have been a bit pants on the saving front. Thankfully our parents are helping out but I'm determined that they aren't going to pay for everything so this is just the kick up the arse I needed!

    I've just done a mini-budget and I'm determined to stick to it. It wont be a lot per month (I'm a student nurse - there's not a lot coming in!) but every little helps right?!! I will try and inspire H2B to save more too when he comes in image
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