What are you splurging on and what are you doing on a budget?

Just curious - what elements of your wedding have you gone over budget on and what are you doing to keep the costs down in other areas?

So far we are splurging on:

- Venue / catering (decided it's the most important thing so went for the dream venue as their service is excellent so we know the extra money will be well worth it).

- Flowers - went a little bit over budget on this because I had my head turned by some lovely 'antique' roses!

- My dress. I did stick to budget but to be fair my budget doubled when I realised how much wedding dresses actually cost.

We are saving on:

- Cake (probably getting it from M&S)

- Invites and stationery (all handmade)

- My veil and accessories - I plan to order them online or use vouchers to keep costs down.

- Wedding rings - got mine from Goldsmiths with Tesco vouchers!


  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582
    Don';t want to splurge on evening invitations so using Vistaprint! Don't want to splurge on cakes so asking a friend to do it for me!

    But want lots of lovely fresh flowers everywhere so I guess that is my splurge!
  • minkymoolouminkymoolou Posts: 924
    Mostly doing everything on a budget! Biggest single splurge would have to be the wedding breakfast (as the venue wouldn't budge on price!) At just over £1000 for 25 adults.

    Biggest saving on venue hire (4* country hotel) on a Saturday would have been £2500 for ceremony and reception, we got it on a Thursday for £375! They originally wanted £1000, so very happy with that saving image
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    Splurging on: Dress, Venue, Photographer and Honeymoon

    Saving on: Flowers (not having any!), Transport (no cars!), Videographer (not having one!) and we're keeping it a small wedding to really spoil our guests who are invited to the whole day.
  • Good thread!

    Splurge: Photographer, my dress (most expensive part of our whole wedding at 25% of the budget! image ), and the honeymoon (whole other budget in itself!)

    Save: Pretty much everything else, our church is only £300, holding the reception in a marquee in my parents garden, friend of the family is doing the cake for cheap, mums doing the flowers, not sure whether to have a car or not yet, ipod disco

    Can't wait!! image
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Splurge: The ceremony venue and wedding stationery (I just don't have the patience for DIY and fell in love with Mandalay stationery.)

    Save: Cake(s)- My aunt makes these for a living. Car: My grandad has a Rolls Royce. Flowers: I'm getting married in an Orangery, so no need for flowers other than my bouquet, BM posies and button holes. Getting married at 3pm and having hot food buffet, sweets and a chocolate fountain- no sit down meal.
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    Splurged on the dress, shoes and suits!! Ended up spending double what I wanted to but to be honest I think my original figure was a little optimistic.

    Saved on everything else to be honest. Flowers and cake by my mum. Veil borrowed from a lovely friend. BM dresses had 30% off. I managed to buy pretty much everything from e-bay! Gift bags, placecards, table decs, gifts, invites etc. I'm trying to save money by printing the order of service myself too.
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    I splurged on venue and cateror, dress and after today rings!

    Saving on flowers,invitations, car Ummmm can't think of anything else!

    Oh and cake being done by friend, band friends of friends and photographer is also a friend!
  • Splurging on dress, cars, ceremony & reception venue, rings, honeymoon, choc fountain, etc etc

    Saving on -

    Cake - (me & mum are making)

    All Stationary - (I am making),

    All 'real fresh' flowers & venue decoration incl chair covers -(coming from company I work for, so having massive floral displays

    Fireworks - (parents friends are pyrotechnics oh yeah!)

    Candy Bar - (doing ourselves)

    Photographer & Videographer - (also contacts from company I work for)

    I am very lucking, to be currently working in wedding industry, and reeling in all my favours and contacts now!! And I love the fact that all the vendors are also my friends image
  • MrsLlew1MrsLlew1 Posts: 116
    i splurged on dress (about £300 over budget), photographer (they are for keeps!) and i think thats it.

    Saved on stationary(made it all myself), cake (sisters and mum made), band (husbands old band re-formed for the night) and the venue was a bargin £1000 for ceremony and reception
  • Mrs MaynesMrs Maynes Posts: 601
    Splurge -





    Favours (not having!) Candy Bar instead

    Invitations / Table Plan / Name places (designing ourselves)

    Videographer (not having!)
  • paulavikipaulaviki Posts: 527
    Splurged on - My dress, the venue, photographer, florist and cakes.

    Saved on - All the stationary as I've made the invitations and name place cards etc all myself, our rings, my shoes which were just £13, hair as two old friends are doing all our hair for nothing and favours as I got the bags from china on ebay and am filling them with sweets which I am getting cheap online.
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626

    Venue/catering/drinks (our catering is coming to about £4500 for 44 day guests (inc drinks and canapes) and 70 covers for the evening buffet; we're then putting £2000-2500 behind the bar)

    Rings: will prob cost us about £1000-1500

    Photographer (not too happy but don't think we'll have a choice)

    My shoes (I'm hopefully getting some Ginas and Choos)


    Stationary: I'm making my own

    Flowers: I'm going to either do my own, or order them from a local market stall and pop them in vases

    Cars: we're not having any lol

    Favours: not doing them

    Dress: I don't really want to spend more than £500 max.
  • leighh5ukleighh5uk Posts: 278
    Splurge: candy buffet (mmmm pick n mix hehe),

    Budget: cake (mums a baker)
  • Well we only set the date in February which has left us with 6 months to plan everything so most of our whole wedding has been on a budget:

    Ceremony: Registry Office due to various things but saved us about £300

    Flowers and centre pieces: Artifical, some from a supplier but most bought from local stores and arranged by me and my mum

    Reception: Our Local Pub! Its an old pub thats been there for many years which is like our second home and where we met most of our friends. Because we know the owners very well they aren't charging us a venue hire just for the 3 course wedding breakfast and the buffet in the evening for 80 people (only costing £600 and the food is gorgeous!)

    Karaoke Disco - A close friend is doing ours as a wedding present which saved us £200

    Transport - We are both going in 2 DeLoreans all decked out thanks to my H2Bs uncle. Him and his wife collect them, another wedding present

    Invitations/Wedding Jewellery - My mums job is making cards/scrapbooks and jewellery so she did all our invites and my wedding jewellery as a wedding present

    Photography - My step dad is a photographer and is doing all our photos as a wedding present too!

    We're amazingly lucky that we have such talented friends and family, the whole thing is costing about £1,500 all together and his parents have put £600 towards it too!
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I splurged on

    dress (fell in love with Suzanne Neville)

    8 BMs (I would have had one if I had known how expensive they are !!)

    meal (managed to select the most expensive option)

    entertainment (having bouncy castle, surf board simulator and magician)

    photographer (although mine is very reasonable)

    Saved on

    Videographer - family member doing it

    Cake - a friend is making as a present

    Favours - Boxes on sale for 20p and friend and I making fudge to fill them

    Cars - none family are doing it

    Sweetie Buffet - doing it myself

    Music - doing on computer ourselves
  • ElsaFianceeElsaFiancee Posts: 759
    Splurge: dress ( Sassi Holford image ), caterer, honeymoon

    Save: flowers, doing table centers ourselves, video, using students, rings from b'ham jewellery quarter, BM dresses thru etsy, invitations done ourselves
  • basilcatukbasilcatuk Posts: 16
    Splurge - venue and number of guests (DP has a HUGE family, and his parents are insisting on inviting tons of people)

    My dress (but I'm paying, so people can just remain ignorant about the cost)

    Saving - videographer (not having one), transport (just using normal cars), DJ (not having one - ipod playlists instead), officiant (we're asking a friend to marry us) and anything else we can avoid spending money on
  • MrsBarrowmanMrsBarrowman Posts: 687


    BM's x 5 (I agree with Ezz that I would have had less if I realised the cost!)


    Pick & Mix stand


    My shoes (Rainbow shoes)

    My cake (Amazing 4 tier organic cake, just turned out to be the 1st wedding cake she had ever made! The risk paid off!)

    My videographer (I booked last minute and negotiated a good deal)

    I negotiated the following freebies:

    Piper, Chair covers, Extra course for my meal, money off the meal.
  • basilcatukbasilcatuk Posts: 16
    How much are BMs generally? I'm still trying to decide on whether or not to have BMs, or just my niece as a FG

    I thought of another saving - veil.i'm wearing my mom's which a) makes her very happy (she started tearing up when I put it on) and b) saves money.
  • FinallyMrsCFinallyMrsC Posts: 194
    Splurge: Flowers (lots of!)

    Bargain: My Dress (£200), Cake (my friend making it as a present)
  • MrsBarrowmanMrsBarrowman Posts: 687

    Everone will spend different amounts on their maids, and most maids will contribute. But the amount I spent was:

    Dresses - £160.00

    Shoes - £20.00

    Pashminas - £10.00

    Hand bags - £15.00

    Bouquets - £30.00

    Pearl necklace & bracelet - £60.00 (luckily my FIL was in China, and got real pearls at a fraction of the cost!)

    Hair - £30.00

    Make up - £25.00

    In total for 5 BM's = £1,750 image
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831

    Food and drink



    Wedding rings


    Wedding dress


    Evening buffet

  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    Splurged so far on - Photographer, videographer & cake

    Saved so far on stationary (I've made them), bridesmaid dresses (mums making them), sweetie/cake buffet (I'm making them)

    It's funny the things we have splurged on as these were never priority in the beginning apart from photo's so our budget has increased over the 18mths planning!! Good job were only getting married once lol x
  • Splurge:



    Catering (whole weekend, we're covering everything)



    Cake - family friend who happens to be a french patissier!

    Stationery - doing myself

    Website - brother, graphic designer

    Cars - none!

    DJs - friends (although we're also having a band)

    Makeup - doing own

    Jewellery - using existing jewellery (present from h2b last year)

    Booze - although we're spending a lot by paying for everything for the weekend, there is no corkage so we're getting everything in bulk! Yay!

  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Splurged on venue, photographer, honeymoon - oh and shoes! We have spent £1k on shoes alone including my shoes, H2B's, best man and my brother who is giving me away - yikes!

    Saved on cake as not having one, cars as luckily we don't need any, dj as best man is a DJ and so is going to sort out music for us and videographer as H2B's auntie is doing this for us x.
  • CariadAlanCariadAlan Posts: 603
    A surf simulator - I'm looking forward to those photos ezz100 image


    Venue - both have massive families. We wanted small wedding but ended up with 60 in the day and around 100 in the night.

    Car - hadn't planned to have a special car but I found and fell in love with a 1960's white convertable beetle image

    Honeymoon - about 25% of the budget is going on this.


    Cake - making my own cupcake tower.

    Stationary - making own

    Dress - found my dream dress on preloved.co.uk

  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    We're splurging on:

    - Dress (I'm having it made and I didn't want to compromise)

    - G's kilt suit (again having it made by a fabulous designer)

    - Venue (we were in love from day one and it's just an amazing place)

    - Food (Catering is looking to be about £8k)

    - Number of guests (about 140 day guests and up to 300 evening)

    - Photographer (we weren't willing to compromise so we're paying about £1500)

    - Videographer (we hadn't originally budgeted for one, but have one so that's a splurge but they're very reasonably priced so we're saving on that too)

    - Ice cream tricycle (so not an essential but we're having it instead of canapes)

    - Fireworks (again, not essential but SO fun)

    - Having a band AND a DJ

    We're saving on:

    - Bridesmaid dresses (my usual corsetiere is making their dresses and while they're costing about £200 all in, they'll have proper corsets and skirts in silk and huge red 1950s-style petticoats)

    - Cake (I'm making two tiers, my mum's making one, my CBM is making another and my dad and brother are building it on the day)

    - Flowers (a friend's mum offered to do them)

    - Piper (G's cousin)

    - Pianist (one of my best friends from school, and she's AMAZING)

    - Magician (a colleague of my mum's who's doing it half price)

    - Stationery (my uncle has offered to do them for free)

    - Alcohol (we've arranged to buy local fruit wines through our venue and for two glasses of bubbly during the reception, half a bottle of table wine during the meal and a glass of bubbly for the toast it's about £12 per head)
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    Splurging on:

    * Venue - costing £10,000 but its the one we fell in love with

    * Dress - Sassi Holford Made to Measure dress

    Saving on:

    * Photographer - a friend of mine who is a professional wedding photographer is doing it half price for me.

    * Shoes - I orignally I wanted shoes that were £500 but spent only £70!

    * Invites - doing our own costing £120.
  • lizzy_cornishlizzy_cornish Posts: 194
    Splurge- photographer, but i love their work and albums!

    Videographer (not planned at first so is splurging i guess)

    Saving- dress £625 to £149!

    b.maids outfits, flowergirl's outfits,

    my shoes £20,

    cupcake tower- fiance's mum doing,

    making all our stationary eek!

    Neighbour making our jam favours,

    wedding rings under £200 for both,

    And our venue food and accomadation is very reasonable!

    Lizzy xx
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    Splurging on...

    Catering (we don't have a choice as they won't budge or offer alternatives)

    My Wedding ring

    Band & DJ

    Saving on...

    The Venue (we got it for £3k last year for 2012, the price is now £4250 and my dad has just paid off the balance for us!

    The Cake - H2B's parents paying for it but very reasonable too

    Wedding Car - My sister is paying for this for me

    Flowers - We know a lady that does it for a hobby and is charging us next to nothing

    Stationery - making our own

    Bridesmaid dresses - Having these made by BM's mum for free

    My dress - Hope it's a saving, my mum is paying part of it and I will contribute the rest. Will find this out in a few weeks time!
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