Budget keeps growing!


just wondering if anyone else is the same or if its just me?

Our budget started at £6-7k, which we thought was fine.... over the past year we've recieved dontations from my parents which has meant we could up this to £8-9k however, by the time we'd added on the fidly bits, and contingency money, we are ending up with nearly an £11k spend

its do-able, and we dont mind - and i know that we dont HAVE to spend this amount of money - but the way we see it is that we will only do this once so we want it to be everything that we'd imagined it would be... so we dont mind shelling out the extra.... the most important thing to us is becoming husband and wife!

has your budget grown while planning? or have you stuck to ir ridgid? I think i was slightly ambitious with my bidgeting and unrealistic, but please tell me im not the only one


  • Hi MrsC2b...

    Ours started off at about 9k but its now looking more like 11k. It's amazing how quickly it creeps up, you really have to learn to say 'no' to things but it's so hard! So far my mam & step dad said they will give us £1000 towards things & my mam & nana are buying my wedding dress. So thats 2k off the budget. We've really got alot of saving to do! It's starting to scare me, I hope we have the money! image X
  • Just wanted to add that we're getting married in Cyprus so that 11k budget is actually paying for the 3 of us to have a two week luxury holiday.. not too bad I suppose! X
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Our budget has crept up too but mainly because we were a bit over ambitious to start with and had no idea how much weddings cost! We've gone from 15k to 23k and to be fair we could cut that back slightly if we really wanted to. We're getting married abroad and have 64 people coming over for the wedding! We really didn't expect such a great response from our guests and had budgeted our initial amount on around 40 guests. We're more than happy to spend the extra money having all of our family and friends there with us though its definately money well spent to us.

    We've been lucky enough to have contributions from both of our parents which has been a massive help and the remainder we have saved and saved for. Its scandalous how prices hike as soon as you mention the word "wedding" though isn't it! x.
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Im married now but when we set a budget i had researched everything first, then we set the budget on the highest prices we could find and in the we came in 1k under budget
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Same!! H2B told me he didn't want hit to be over 5k, I had a think and told him I may need to stretch to 6k. There was budget number 1.

    After we had picked some venues and bought my dress, I informed H2B that we may be looking at nearer 8k. Budget number 2.

    Then after deciding on things like a chocolate fountain and having a photographer when we initially thought we'd use a friend, it seemed to be around 10k. Budget number 3!!

    I sat down and did a spreadsheet recently and like Shelleyf30 said, I calculated the maximum cost and totalled it. The damage.... 13.5k image

    Hoping to come under the budget for lots of areas and still have it for around 11k. Total nightmare though! Growing cost and no growing wages.
  • Don't worry, you are not the only one!!

    We have gone over budget. I think it is easy to do when you are spending such a large amount of money! For example something you budgeted say £300 for could end up overspending by a few hundred to £500, doesn't seem like a big deal, but then do that on a few things and it soon starts adding up.

    Silly thing is in the supermarket I would change a tin of beans for another one if they were 5p cheaper! Shame I don't have the same mentality when it comes to things wedding related!
  • Ours wil be about £3000 over on a budget of £11,000.
  • emmy-lou1emmy-lou1 Posts: 67
    Our budget is £16k, and I wanted to keep 10% of that back as a safety net, so at the moment we're on track to come in under budget. But then we've had a total result with my dress, which was £350, and at most, should cost another £200 with alterations - so it could have been worse! x
  • emmy-lou1emmy-lou1 Posts: 67
    Forgot to say that my wedding spreadsheet is my favourite thing at the moment - it's made everything so much easier!
  • MrsMacca1MrsMacca1 Posts: 17
    We dont have a proper budget set! uhoh! We have an idea of what we would like to spend and then a figure for MAX spend! We hoped to spend around 10k when we first got engaged, it wasnt until we started looking for a venue and placing bookings with photographers that the initial budget has now doubled! its crazy how expensive things are when the word WEDDING is mentioned. Will all be worth it though, I can not wait! xx image
  • bubblegum_pbubblegum_p Posts: 275
    When we first got engaged I had a budget figure in my head of £15K (totally plucked from nowhere, just what I thought was a reasonable cost for the wedding we wanted). We have ended up at nearly double that - eesh!
  • Our budget was originally 8k, but luckily i have done so much research that everything is coming in a lot cheaper so far.

    We set a budget for every separate thing in the wedding and nothing we have booked so far came in at our guestimate never mind going over it!!

    I hope saying this doesnt jinx us! image
  • DollyDaisyDollyDaisy Posts: 425
    your definately not alone, we have kept to budget on everything except the venue but this was down to us wanting some extra friends for the wedding reception.

    We had a contingency fund but that has been used to pay for the extra day guests, replacing bridesmaids dresses and they no longer fitted their original one's and a supplier disappearing with a small deposit so we had to fork out again. Hoping we have no more surprises!
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    We started off expecting to pay around £20k and then worked out what we could afford to save and to spend and we're now sitting at around £30k (it was £27k but we'd underestimated on our honeymoon) and looking to have some savings left afterwards (unless G's parents pull out of paying for £7k of the catering).
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  • SparklyD2BSparklyD2B Posts: 157
    Our original budget was £12.5k, after some more research we reduced this to £8k and now it's nearer £9k... the extras were worth it though! ( chair covers, dad's suits and a brass section in the band - all extravagances!). It's amazing how things add up. When I want to spend more, I remind myself that the guests don't care and won't remember any of the details. So long as the food is good, the entertainment good and I don't look like an 80's throwback, everyone will remember it as a lovely wedding. The little extras (e.g. your shoes, the favours, the table plan...) are for our mums and our best friends! image Happy planning xxx
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    I haven't spoken to many brides who have stayed within budget! Most people I know have gone over!! So its definitely not just you!
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Mine has actually doubled. H2B initially said I had 5k and I couldn't go over that. I subtly dropped in that it was more likely to be 6k and he accepted this. Then it rose to around 8k and a few months ago I informed him it was looking to be nearer 10.

    Now he has been to the venue, seen the cost of wedding dresses and researched photographers with me, he has accepted the cost of a wedding! I did a spreadsheet recently and I calculated each cost and it appears to be somewhere between 12-13k. It really can't go up any more or that would involve a loan which I don't want.

    My cake is being made by my auntie, my transport will be from my grandad and I'm having minimal flowers because my venue is an Orangery and full of flowers. I can totally see how weddings hit the 20k mark.
  • definakerdefinaker Posts: 58
    I won't go through all mine because that would take WAY too long of a post but I'll just summarize.

    Basically, anything I need at Michaels/Joann's/Hobby Lobby I use a 50% off coupon for or wait until they have a 50% off+ sale going on.

    Everything else (literally), I just shopped around for to find the best deals. I'm DIYing a lot to keep my budget down and I also did a lot of research to get the best vendors at great prices. I'm still just over a year out and have everything purchased. The only thing I have left to do is find a baker and do all my DIY projects.
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