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Are there any other brides getting married at the Elvetham in Hampshire? I'm getting married in December this year. It's an amazing venue and I'd love to hear from anyone else who is planning a wedding there.


  • Pickle31Pickle31 Posts: 33
    ME! We're having our reception there next spring. Such a lovely place. We went to visit it again the other day & I can not wait!
  • TeabellaTeabella Posts: 36
    Brilliant! It's such a beautiful venue. It will be lovely for a Spring reception. We loved it as soon as we saw it. We're having the ceremony and reception there. Have you decided which rooms you're going to use for the reception? I think we're going to go with their recommendation to use the bar and the room next to the bar, although I'm a bit nervous of splitting the reception in this way. Also, we're having a 5 piece band, so it will be a bit of a squeeze! What are your plans?
  • MrsG2Be1MrsG2Be1 Posts: 4
    I know I'm a bit late, but I'm getting married at the Elvetham next Jan!! Very excited as only 6 months to go! How are your plans going?
  • TeabellaTeabella Posts: 36
    Hi MrsG2Be1,

    January will be a lovely time to get married. I can't wait for my winter wedding. Maybe we'll get lucky and get some snow (but not enough to stop people making the wedding)!

    My plannning is going ok. I don't think I'm as organised as alot of other brides, but I've got most of the major things sorted. I've booked a florist, rat pack band, DJ, string trio (for ceremony). I've used alot of the Elvetham recommendations? Who have you gone for?

    I still need to sort out bridesmaid dresses and invitations though! Need to get a move on!!!!
  • Hi

    Sorry For the delay in replying.

    I've booked most of the major things too - flowers, I've booked Emma Lappin and DJ is through Sound Bookings who I met at a wedding show a while ago. Just ordered the invitations and plan to start sending them out next month as we have a lot of guests coming over from Australia (H2B is an Aussie!).

    Are you having a make up artist/hairdresser at the Elvetham? I have a trial next week with one, which I'm a bit nervous about!

    Good luck with the rest of your planning!
  • TeabellaTeabella Posts: 36
    Hi ya,

    I spoke to Emma a few times. She's lovely. I went with Lavender green in the end though. I've also just ordered my invitations - can't wait to get them out so that I can cross them off my list image

    I'm using Kit Hall for my make up and hair. I had a trial with her a couple of months ago and she was lovely.

    Have you decided what accessories you're going to wear yet? I really wanted to wear a faux fur shrug, but I'm finding it difficult to find one that looks like real fur (but isn't). I'm now debating between being warm and going for a maribou shrug, or being cold and just having a veil!

    Good luck with your trial and the rest of your planning!
  • Perks09Perks09 Posts: 765

    I got married at the Elvetham 2 years ago and it was the most amazing venue. I really cannot recommend it enough.

    All the staff were fantastic and made me feel so special on my wedding day.

    We were married in the library and had a marquee for the reception.

    We returned for a meal 7 months after we were married and some of the staff recognised us and came over to say hello.

    Still to this day guest from our wedding still tell us how much they loved the Elvetham, especially the food.

  • Hi Indiapusspuss

    I'm having my trial with Kit tomorrow! Glad to hear she's lovely; I've read loads of good comments about her. Will let you know how I get on.

    I love maribou shrugs, but not sure what I'm going to have just yet. I always thought I'd go without a veil but I'm slowly coming round to the idea. I'm definitely having a vintage-looking headband though, but trying to choose one is proving difficult as they're all so beautiful!

    Booked my menu tasting this week too for October - quite excited about that...

    Perks09 - lovely to hear about your experience of the Elvetham! I've heard nothing but good things about it from other brides who've been married there. Can't wait!
  • C45C45 Posts: 10

    Hello! I'm getting married next year at the Elvetham Hotel in 2017 and just wondering if you had any  feedback or recommend any suppliers? so excited! Thanks!

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