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how can i negotiate?

so i used a budget spreadsheet and its coming in at over £3000 more than i thought it would. i did do a maximum estimate of everything though. but was wondering how can i negotiate prices with the venue etc etc. x


  • leighh5ukleighh5uk Posts: 278
    i always think the way to think is if you dont ask you dont get!!

    i try not to be cheeky but try to put across how much you love that particular product/service but have a really tight budget always go lower than you think you'll get it for then that way you'll meet nearer to the price you wanna pay! think makes sense haha.

    some places will def not budge on price but might throw in some extras for example maybe you venue wont drop food prices but include canapes something like that.

    hope helps x
  • minkymoolouminkymoolou Posts: 924
    Yes you just need to ask them, difficult if it doesn't come naturally tho I know.

    Our venue wouldn't drop the minimum price per head for wedding breakfast - they said they couldn't, but dropped the minimum numbers down instead, and also gave a further discount off the venue fee (they had already discounted it a lot due to being a weekday Dec wedding) so if they won't budge on one part, ask them to reduce a cost elsewhere.

    I know it seems cheek to ask, but we saved A LOT so well worth asking.
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    If you're not confident negotiating in person, try via email. I think the best thing to do is to show interest and complement the venue/supplier, but don't let them know it's "the one" - if they know you have to have it they can basically charge you anything. When we were researching hotels for guests to stay at I phoned and got a price without mentioning the word wedding, just for one room, then phoned again said for a group booking for people to stay before a wedding and the price went up by about 40% if I remember rightly! With our photo booth I got a quote and was about to book it until I saw a superior service elsewhere that was slightly more expensive (only by about £20, but it was for a shorter time period), they were happy to give the slight discount, but they were even happier to give the extra time.
  • No1BabyBearNo1BabyBear Posts: 445
    Hi lauren_xxx1

    I agree with the other girls... just ask!

    I got £2400 off the package price with my chosen venue just by telling them I was really interested because it was such a good package but it was more than I intended to spend. They also ended up giving me canapes and the kids meals for free as I told them another venue was offering me that (which is true). What I didn't say was their price was £200 more!

    If your venue is a hotel, and they aren't offering a free night's stay for the bride and groom you could ask for that.

    I also got money off our chosen transport as well, by telling them I really loved their vehicle (VW Camper!) but again, it was more than I could afford.

    I've never negotiated face-to-face yet. It's always been over the phone and I think that's easier. You can scribble a few notes before you ring!

    Good luck and happy negotiating! image
  • misstriffymisstriffy Posts: 339
    Be honest up front about what you can afford. If they can, they will do their best to work with your budget, meaning you actually won't need to do any negotiating. That's what we did with our venue. I did the same with my dress too, although had to push them a little more! Good luck.
  • I agree - just ask!

    Our reception venue insist on catering for 100% of the guests, and have minimum numbers of 60 during the day and 120 during the evening. For the evening their cheapest option was £9.95pp for a buffet which would've been a HUGE amount of money! I asked if they could do bacon sarnies instead and they agreed to if we chose another item from the buffet menu and agreed to a price of £3.70pp = a saving of £800!

    Our wedding car quoted us £350 for one car to do 3 journeys with a total distance of about 10 miles. I said we only had £250 and they agreed to that.

    My dress was actually quite a bit under my budget anyway but I offered to pay in full up front, and asked if they could knock any money off, so they gave me 10% off (If you do this though do use a credit card so you have some protection!)

    My dream wedding shoes were £150 from Rachel Simpson, but I had decided to bite the bullet and order them even through they were WAY over my budget! However by sheer luck a lady on here was advertising a pair of seconds that she had bought and changed her mind over. The soles were scuffed but the shoe itself looks perfect and I only paid £60 for them!

    I also got money off my jewellery but that was through sheer luck rather than haggling!

    My advice would be to put yourself into as strong a position as you possibly can. We're getting married in January so it is easier to get money off things. But even in high season you can still get a discount if you ask. Try and get an interest free credit card so you are in a position where you can pay upfront for things. Look for things on EBay, keep a look out on here that you want and utlisie friends talents (cake, florist, invites etc...) But most importantly (and this is what I keep telling myself) - the wedding itself if one day, the marriage is for life. I don't want to start my wedded life in debt because of one single day so if needs be I will cut back. Not a popular view on these forums but very very true!
  • No1BabyBearNo1BabyBear Posts: 445
    abbylovescakes - you're just right. If you can pay for it all without getting into debt, that's the way to do it.

    We're not getting married until November 2012. We're both confident we could've organised it in time for November this year, but we don't have the money to pay for it all until November next year!

    And good on you for getting some bargains image
  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    Research always helps. If you know what you can get elsewhere it feels easier to ask for a discount. EG I had the price of my dress at about 20 different shops and went back to the one where I tried it on, said "I am going to buy it and would like to buy it from you but can get it for £x here, can you do anything about the price?".

    With the venue I said "we don't want it from 10am, we only want it from 2pm, can you reduce the price?".

    Nothing wrong with just asking though. Wedding retailers are notorious for marking up from normal prices so just get them back down. When asking for quotes I said it was a party.
  • LadyLurkerLadyLurker Posts: 126
    And if you feel uncomfortable haggling just use the words "is that your best price?". Not had to say those 5 words and you'll probably find it gets you somewhere!
  • I asked the dress shop, is there is anything they could do on price of dress as found it cheaper in another shop, they said they couldn't give it too me cheaper, but will give me a free bridesmaid dress.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We negotiated loads off the evening buffet with the venue, we asked the car if any discount as we were from the next village, they reduced it by £75. We saved money on other things by doing them ourselves or getting people we knew to do it
  • From a suppliers perspective...

    Customers negotiate with suppliers all the time, so don't worry about appearing rude, suppliers will expect you to negotiate with them on price a little.

    I agree with a couple of the other posters in that if you're uncomfortable doing that in person, write a friendly email to see if there's anything they can do to be flexible.

    We're in a recession remember, and most suppliers would rather have a booking from you than no booking, so I do think it's more of a buyers market at the moment.

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