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Hi Ladies,

I hope all your planning is going well.

I haven't been on here for a while but need your advice!

We are getting married at the end of September and haven't organised our honeymoon yet.

The chap can only take a week off from work so we're looking for somewhere in either Spain, Italy, or Greece; just somewhere quick to fly to with a bit of luxury, great food and wine and a few things to do at night. Oh, and it must have sun! image

Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I prefer small boutique type hotels to larger ones.

Thanks! x


  • Ipanema1Ipanema1 Posts: 71
    Anyone...? image

    What does everyone else have planned even if wildly different; would provide some inspiration I'm sure!

  • sandrews82sandrews82 Posts: 86

    Not strictly one of the destinations you suggested, but last year the OH and I went to a fab place in Turkey called Kalkan. Not your typical touristy place (no British pubs or things), just great little shops and some amazing restaurants. There are some great beaches a few miles drive away from the main town and loads of activities. We spent a day sea kayaking, went river canoeing and did an awesome walk through a huge gorge.

  • sweetie_k1sweetie_k1 Posts: 380
    Hi, Have a look at they are a fantastic boutique travel agent who will find what you are after. Some of places look amazing, there are various offers and the travel agents usually arrange little touches if you say its your honeymoon.
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    You should definately look at Hacienda de San Rafael in Seville, Spain. Its the most amazing place and has great service and gorgeous food.

    The website is

    We're having our wedding blessing there! So exctited!!! x.
  • Ipanema1Ipanema1 Posts: 71
    Thanks so much for the suggestions - off to have a look now! x
  • Ipanema1Ipanema1 Posts: 71
    Absolutely loving the Carrier website - thanks again Ladies!
  • Have look at We found a beautiful 5 star spa hotel in Puglia, Italy through them. It looks totally amazing. There are no chain hotels, it's all boutique places. They have a quite a bit in Europe.
  • Just noticed someone recommended Hacienda San Rafael, which is a Mr and Mrs Smith listed hotel. We actually almost booked there ourselves!
  • bobdibestbobdibest Posts: 295
    I would suggest Sardinia, its an island off of italy, complety un touristy, its where the italians go on holiday, never been to more beautiful beaches, so quiet, no english, its beautiful and is only 3 hours away!
  • Ipanema1Ipanema1 Posts: 71
    Thanks Londonbride2012, I always have ab rowse at Mr and Mrs Smith when I want to find somewhere but I think sometimes there is so much to choose from I can't decide! I looked at the Hacienda San Rafael too which looks amazing.

    I think any of these places would make for a great honeymoon.

    Thank you for the Sardinia suggestion - I will see what is listed on Carrier, its such a great website!

    Where is everyone off to on their honeymoon? x

    Edited typo!
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    Carrier and Abercrombie & Kent are the best places to book any kuxury travel - not only do they have the best hotels but they are best buddies with most of the hotel managers etc so they are great when it comes to getting upgrades etc..... It really does pay to book through one of these agents.....
  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride
    I can think of lots of lovely places to honeymoon in Europe..

    How about Seville, Monaco, Capri, Venice, Santorini.

    I didn't realise just how beautiful santorini was until a friend of mine went on her honeymoon last year, we're going there on our hols in september. Have a look online at the Aspaki hotel. There are so many beautiful small hotels but this one looks amazing!
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    I agree with Seville but I'd also add Valencia to the list of potential venues. There is a huge range of hotels to suit all budgets, the food is amazing and it's a buzzing city with a fabulous beach a short bus or metro ride away. Something for everyone!!!

    Try the Hotel Neptuno which is on the beach and looked AMAZING when we went in it last year image

  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    There's a gorgeous hotel in Kos, Palazzo Del Mare. I'm hoping there's enough money left in the budget for a week here after the wedding as our official honeymoon is the following Febuary 2013.
  • Ipanema1Ipanema1 Posts: 71
    Everywhere mentioned sounds like a good option; I think that is my problem... image We are planning a a break to Seville before the wedding and have been to Valencia (not at the Neptuno though which looks soo lovely!).

    I think we are going to go for Santorini, it looks so beautiful and perfect for a honeymoon.

    I am looking at Katikies in Oia, or Santorini Grace which is in Imerovigli.

    Just trying to decide between the two; Oia I think has a bit more to do if we fancy a wander and Imerovigli I think is a lot quieter but possibly closer to Fira which is the buzzy part...

    Both have great reviews!
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