The cost of gifts...?

Hi all,

How much have you spent/budgeted for your gifts to Bridesmaids, Best Man, parents etc???

I really have no idea where to start!!!


  • kelmistykelmisty Posts: 860
    I'm struggling with this too.....after all I'm paying for the outfits, accessories, hotel rooms, food & drink.....and I'm doing everything!
  • mrsjenny2012mrsjenny2012 Posts: 258
    Hi Ladies

    We've decided not to do special presents - i dont think people expect them - the day is about the marriage and most people are glad to be part of it.

    Instead i'm just making extra special favours for the extra special people - eg the lady guests are having the £1 breast cancer pins but the bridesmaids the £5 version and the mums the £12 version. Its only a little change but its showing i do understand their contribution and it means they stillhave a keepsake of the day.

    hope this helps!
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    A lot more than I wanted too!! Spent £60 on each set of parents, £30 on best man and £20 on our usher, £12 on each of our 4 flowergirls, £15 on our son/pageboy, £20 on MOH and about £10-£15 on other 2 bm's. God thats a lot isn't it! I originally only budgeted £100 for all gifts...... image Not to mention we paid for all the dress/suits too. Ouch!
  • smee82smee82 Posts: 184
    spent £25 each on the Bridesmaids and Ushers and Best man, got the bridesmaids YSL purfume sets and the Ushers Jasper Conran wallet and belt sets (they were all half price in the Debenhams xmas sales)got the best man a crystal glass and a bottle of rum.

    Still need ideas for the parents, might get the dads Thorntons hampers and make a hamper each for the mums.
  • SparklyD2BSparklyD2B Posts: 157
    Hiya, I think it depends on how many bridesmaids/groomsmen you have really. Anything goes. We only have one of each. I actually got their presents from Ebay at a fraction of the cost they would have been in the shop... We spent about £40 each and then had the presents engraved (a further £10) so £100 in all for us.

    We were going to have favours for the guests initially but decided it was a waste of money and we wanted to donate money to charity instead. We've split the donations between two charities that mean lots to our families and we've purchased a small lapel pin for each of the guests. One other possiblity for presents was for us to sponsor a child or an animal for our attendants... Whatever you choose to do, i'm sure they will love it. image xxx
  • mrsC2b2012mrsC2b2012 Posts: 734
    We will prob spend about £25 on the best man, about £15 on ushers (aswel as hiring their suits) probably about £10 on bridesmaids (as well as accessories, jewellery, hair and make up) and about £10 on flower girls and page boys

    We are looking at about £30 per parent

    About £20 per welcome box for those staying at hotel

    £4 per favour
  • Garfyuk1Garfyuk1 Posts: 585
    We spent £25 on each bridesmaid, which was a nice necklace they could wear on the day, and about the same for the ushers. Spent about 40 on the best man. We spent over £100 on one couple (friends) becuase they had saved us a lot of money by sorting something out for free for us. We spent well over £400 on my parents, but it was their 30th wedding anniversary present too, as well as a thank you for all their help since my husband and I had got together. Flowergirls/pageboy, about £15 as I recall.
  • Sinead89Sinead89 Posts: 73
    By the time we'd finished paying for everything - as we didnt have any help from anyone money-wise - we were pretty skint near the end so we went to our fave Chocolatier and got everyone chocolate gifts i.e the bridesmaids got a chocolate shoe filled with truffles and the best men got a chocolate pint glass and chocolate cigars! It was something different and we didnt have the money to buy real gifts anyway! image xx
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    Well it's certainly turned out to be the hidden expense I never thought of at the start...

    MOH and 3 adult BMs £15 each on a jewellery box

    2 BMs - £15 musical jewellery boxes

    2 3 year old BMs - £16 for a ragdoll with a little message

    4 personalised bracelets for the small BMs - £2.50 each

    4 Bridesmaid storybooks 1p each from Amazon BARGAIN !!

    £11 Cufflinks for one usher

    2 Bouquets - £20 each

    Best Man's - yet to buy...the list is endless !!
  • scrummie2bscrummie2b Posts: 266
    So far getting the

    Mothers Thank you bouquets-£25 each

    Chief Bridemaid, Fresh water Pearl Earrings and necklace £35- also want to get her something else cos she has been fab but not sure what.

    Bridemaid, Pearl necklace and bracelet £15.00

    Ushers, Hip flasks £?

    Best Man, Sgian Dhu £?

    Page Boy, Goodie Bag £5

    Also want to get prezzy for our friends who are doing readings at the wedding. Though about £15-£20
  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    I spent about twice what I would on Christmas/Birthdays.
  • Mrs MaynesMrs Maynes Posts: 601
    It really is a hidden expense!!

    I have got my flower girl a book from Oh So Cherished

    I am getting my bridesmaids a fleece designed by Mr Maynes - he does really cool designs (graphic designer) and will get them printed, something a bit different image

    Leave the Best Man to Mr Maynes as I haven't a clue

    Parents - not a clue!!! image
  • We had three bridesmaids, one best man, and three mothers to buy gifts for. Hubby also bought for his father, and we're still planning to surprise my dad and stepdad with something at a later stage.

    Approximate budget was £30 per head regardless of who - though it has been more variable and possible to rise for the parents.

    Budget for BMs - actual ranged between £23 and £30. I went down the 'traditional' route and bought jewellery for each of them, but spent a long time finding something individual for each of them.

    Best Man and FIL - nice bottle of malt whisky each, as they both enjoy a good one.

    Mothers - MIL and my mother got a beautiful bouquet, my stepmum a gorgeous necklace that had made me think of her (she lives abroad, so flowers were impractical).

    We're also planning to get photobooks made for our parents.

    No-one we gave gifts to expected them, and we were told off by everyone for getting them something - but I'm pleased that they had some recognition on the evening, and particularly in the case of the bridesmaids something to remember the day by.
  • gemmacaidengemmacaiden Posts: 237
    We spent 30 pound each on the 2 bestmen usher and fathers, they all got a watch which was then engraved. I spent 10 each on the bms with a necklace and earings to match we had 6 bms. Spent 30 on our mothers 20 for boquets and then 10 for a frame with photos and a poem in. 25 on our little boy who was page boy , i also got a couple of other people little presents as they had helped out alot which was a further 30 pound. I don't think people expect them but we wanted to do it especially as our parents had helped us out alot x
  • hazeldkhazeldk Posts: 40
    By the time we'd finished paying for everything - as we didnt have any help from anyone money-wise - we were pretty skint near the end so we went to our fave Chocolatier and got everyone chocolate gifts i.e the bridesmaids got a chocolate shoe filled with truffles and the best men got a chocolate pint glass and chocolate cigars! It was something different and we didnt have the money to buy real gifts anyway! xx

    where is this shop- it sounds super...
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Cripes - it really can add up can't it!

    Thanks ladies for sharing your budgets with me.

    Is it bad to leave buying mine until the sales??? HAs anyone else done this? image
  • lfoster3uklfoster3uk Posts: 241
    I went really cheap on this...

    -Each of the four bridesmaids has been bought a £10 jewellery set for the day, which will double up as their gift

    - The flower girls and page boys have been bought a personalised goody bag from ebay at £3 each which doubles up as something to keep them entertained during the reception speeches

    - the younger page boy and flower girl were bought a personalised teddy bear each for ebay at £3 each

    the parents we have no idea about yet but I am adament it will not be flowers! Everyone is travelling to the wedding as no family on either side lives in Plymouth, but h2bs parents have a keen interest in gardening so it may be some personalised packets of seeds.

    -For my mother we are unsure, it may be a photo album as she had a stroke last year and her memory is now terrible

    The best man, again no clue

    and my brother who is giving me away will probably be happy if we just buy him a drink image

    Leah x x
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