Pew ends - how much ?

Hi all ,

would appreciate any flashes and prices of pew ends you are having as havent got a clue on cost x


  • I'm just using pull bows. You can get 30 bows plus shipping on eBay. Easy to put up the night before and take down the next day.
  • I am not having any but yours look so pretty Shelley image
  • FinallyMrsCFinallyMrsC Posts: 194
    I'm just having organza bows - cheap but effective (the florist was going to charge an arm and two legs for floral pew ends!)
  • GemjemGemjem Posts: 270
    My florist is doing organza bows with an artificial White Rose stem incorporated for £3 each and she's going to set them up for me. I only need 10 as having 5 on each side and every other one so costing £30 all together which isn't too bad. The roses are foam and I couldn't tell the difference by just looking.
  • Mine cost £8 each, I only had 8 and my mum did them. we got up early and went to the local flower market. We took them to the venue and hung them from the pillars there to decorate the room.

  • HisEssexgalHisEssexgal Posts: 900
    I charge £8 to make heart shaped pew ends with flowers but varies depending what your looking for I suppose. Organza are a lot cheaper. xx
  • Mrs ShakeMrs Shake Posts: 104
    How did you make the Tulle bow, there are so beauiful and for £1 each, def a bargain.

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We didn't have them as the end of the pews were so detailed anyway
  • The florist at our Church is doing our pew ends for us - they're costing us £7.50 each.

    It does seem quite expensive, especially considering some ladies on here have had lovely bows etc for much cheaper, but to be honest at this point I can't even think about the hassle of finding/making nice bows so thought we'd splash out on flowers instead!!
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Hey ladies, thanks for your comments, this is the instructions in followed and then i just bought some craft bits, all of it came from ebay
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Just to add, we used double sided sticky tape to put the on the chairs, i think they would be better if tied on possible image good luck and dont forget to come back and show us your pics xx
  • My pew ends cost a little bit more as we had to buy the hooks, my mum will be using them for her floristry course. I also had quite a varied selection of flowers.
  • anngedannged Posts: 6
    i have bought little silver hearts that are in the wedding stuff in m and s sale online
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