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its 3 months today until i get married and feeling everything is going wrong at moment. H2B lost his job on friday, couldnt be worse timing, he will now have to go self employed which he has never been before so i dont know how money is going to work out. We got the venue invoice today which is sooo scary!! Out of 10k budget we have only paid off just over 3k and obviously only realistically have 2 more pay days (maximum savings £2k) even though i feel like all we have done is save/budget. Am so stressed and feel its taking over the wedding fun, surely the last 3 months should be fun not stressful. Going to have to get a loan i dont see any other option, Is anyone else in this boat, please make me realise i am not the only onw image xxx


  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553
    No your not the only one we have been having a similar problem ours is also 10k with the honeymoon we have go most things saved for its just the honeymoon which we thought we may have to cancel but we have relooked the figures and think we will be ok also got the credit card incase.

    Will your h2b get redundancy or if any parents can help out.

    Also find out from your suppliers final amounts is there anywhere you can cut on x
  • minkymoolouminkymoolou Posts: 924
    I'm in a similar position, but with longer till wedding (just under 6 months)

    I had my hours cut right down at work (with pretty much no warning) and fiance has been saving hard, but he forgot to budget for his car tax and insurance, which he's just got the renewals for and its going to take a huge chunk of the wedding savings.

    I'm trying my best to save too, but every little thing that can go wrong is and as a result I'm spending more than normal on top of earning far less!

    So I'm beginning to panic too, although fortunately we have already paid off most of venue costs, but everything else is really mounting up.
  • Personally I would look back through what you've booked and planned and see where you can cut back, realistically you're going to struggle to pay off that amount if your husband hasn't got a job and it's not really the most practical thing to be blowing loads of money when you don't know what money he will even have coming in

    Go back through all your plans and see where you can save, don't resort to credit cards, if you can't afford it now you'll never pay it off or be paying the minimum forever and a day
    I was feeling exactly the same as you, had roughly £6500 to pay off still with around 4months to go to wedding. The best thing ive ever done was make a little spreadsheet with all my incomings and outgoings and ive realised i could be a lot stricter on myself and put more money away. by the time my weddings here ( 2 1/2months) il only have just over a grand to pay which will go on my overdraft as it should all be paid off by the following month. why didnt i think of doing this sooner!!
  • I have a massive spreadsheet with everything on!!

    What I budgeted for, what's it acutally cost, if I'm under/over budget, if we are or my parents are paying for it!!

    H2B laugh's at me lol but it keeps track on everything.

    is there anything you can cut back on?? to save some cash.

    Or if worse comes to worst 0% credit cards.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Could you have a word with the venue and explain your situation and see if you can cut costs anywhere, with the food etc.

    While some say avoid credit cards you could look into a 0% one, as a temporary measure, so no interest to pay as there would be on a loan. Are there any other things you can cut down on?
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    What's with all the spam on this thread argh can't report it either for some reason!

    We get married August 2012 and have a spreadsheet etc but then we also have 2 little post it notes on the fridge saying how far behind we are in our savings, mine is as 2.5k and his is just under 2k. We didn't make room for any contingencies in our monthly budgeting and like you say everything seems to be going wrong!! I had a car crash in Feb and it was written off, they've admitted 100% liability so still waiting for all the losses to come back, stuff like dentist and optician didn't budget for, other half needed a car as was cycling 19 miles a day to work but it's not do-able every day when he has to bring books home to mark etc or the end of the week when knackered, we managed to get one for £995 then car insurance was nearly the same for the year as he's a new driver (bless him he's 32!)

    Sorry to gatecrash but yes I'm in exactly the same boat, though fortunately have the benefit of time (though scared we're going to get more and more behind). Our parents are going to be helping out which we'd not budgeted to begin with.
  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,188 New bride
    We're quite lucky in that my parents are being very generous and my fiances mom is helping out too. We've saved some and have just taken out an MnS credit card - 15 months interest free, we have a repayment plan in place that we know we can afford and thats taking the worry away.

    Budgetting is all about getting the right balance; you dont want to have unmanagable debt but at same time you dont want to regret things about the wedding. I say prioritise and be honest about how much you can afford to save or repay
  • SparklyD2BSparklyD2B Posts: 157

    Can parents perhaps help? Perhaps ask for cash gifts towards the honeymoon? With £5k to find, credit card at 0% is probably your best option... small reductions can make a big difference though.

    What about having a clearout? It's surprising how much random stuff we collect and people will buy anything! That old camera, old phones, clothes, shoes you never wear, DVD's, CD's... I made £150 this week on stuff I was just going to send to the charity shop and it only took a couple of hours of my time... and we have more storage space now!

    Good luck, i'm sure it will all work out. image xxx
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