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whole budget under £5000?

thought we could share some money saving tips!

i have been buying atleast 1 wedding item each week from ebay etc so i have quite a collection now.

i am making my own bouquets with silk flowers, getting my dress from ebay, making all my own stationary

we are having the reception at a rugby club and doing our own buffet and having curry and scouse with bread rolls in the evening. im buying an m&s cake and decorating myself.

the majority of the budget is going on decoration such as organza swagging, lighting and chair covers. im doing all this myself aswel.

the best thred i have come across is -

its 136 pages long of money saving tips and ideas.

i wanted the big fat expensive wedding but i just want to marry the man i love without having to save for 10years or being in debt lol

so any other small budget brides out there???


  • Hey,

    Our wedding has cost less than 5K and that includes the rings and honeymoon.

    We are having a small wedding, with just family, which has mean we can offer a free bar whilst still been in budget.

    I got my dress from Debenhams, am doing my own makeup, my mum is doing my hair. We are getting married at the hotel where we are having our wedding so dont need to hire cars, we bought the items for our favors from Ebay, we used MoonPig for save the date cards and made our own Invitations, I am also having silk flowers.

    Our Honeymoon is 2 weeks all inclusive in Sharm El Sheikh, so you get a lot more for your money than in the Carribean and EasyJet fly there so we have saved a fortune on the flights.

    Our biggest saving was on the rings, we both wanted Platinum and by shopping around and going to a small jeweller rather than a mainstream one we saved about £1000.

    We didn't want a massive wedding with hundreds of guests we don't really know and we didn't want to spend the first few years of married life paying for it!!

    When are you getting married?

  • laurenxx26laurenxx26 Posts: 321
    only next august. it was going to be june this year but i had my son last year and now im pregnant again. im due in september so we are getting married in august 2012.

    im going to find some girls from the local college to do my hair and makeup obviously going for trials first.

    you only have 18days left thats crazy. are you excited??
  • We have a bigger budget, but I've been really hunting around for great deals.

    I don't see why I should pay more for things that i need to, ebay has been great, and I plan to make all our own stationary etc

    And I've managed to wangle myself a free bridesmaid's dress by haggling with bridal shop image

    Hitting the Jan sales this year to get H2B's best's man (a girl) dress..

    it's great reading about how people are getting great deals etc and always on the look out to save money
  • BeauvallonBeauvallon Posts: 217
    Our wedding and honeymoon came in at under £4k, like you Lauren I bought something on ebay every week / month. I chose a small local florist rather than a city centre one and she got exactly what I wanted.

    I got items for the childrens gift bags in poundshops and/or Hawkins bazaar- the spinning tops were a hit with the children and grownups!

    I had a sweetie table, but got all the glassware in charity shops and gave it a good hot wash then I bought the sweets in marcro for less than £30, scoops and bags were ebay and sugar tongs from a car boot sale.

    My daughter in law made the table plan with butterflies from hobby craft and frames and butterflies downloaded from the internet- so lovely we kept it.image

    Honeymoon was a week in Maderia where my husband proposed last year
  • minkymoolouminkymoolou Posts: 924
    I'm planning to be a under £5000 bride (although we're not having a honeymoon until next year, so that's not included in budget.)

    Providing we keep on track with budget, it should definitely be under £5000 - we are hoping nearer to £4000.
  • We ae having around £3k not including a honeymoon. Honeymoon will be next may as mum booked it for a surprise but Cyprus in July with 8.5 month old (as he would be then) & nearly 3 year old will be too hot ( i think) so we have moved the dates to next year & it saves £1100!!

    Our venue was £250 , registrars (paying tomorrow) £203.50, reception marquee in mums garden (marquee £100), my dress sample £330, flowergirl dress ebay £24 (was £100 new) dry cleaned £12.50, rings we went over our initial budget (£80 each) so mine was £225 & h2b £245,make up doing my own, hair mobile lady doing mine & blow dry mums & if we can pin toddler down £48 (that was including my trial), flowers going to be doing ourselves from supermarket, decorations ebay, poundland have some wedding things at the mo so got a garter & champange bubbles for table in there & bought 3 tier iced fruit cake tesco for £28.50 not fussed by taste going to decorate myself & rest of budget on food image only have around 25 guests so much cheaper. Umm what else photographer suposed to be sil's brother but think we have been let down so booked semi professional for £150 who will edit & put on disc for us, cars present from mum, chair covers 99p each on special image
  • No1BabyBearNo1BabyBear Posts: 445
    I have no doubt you could stick to a budget of £5000 or below. When we started thinking about a budget, we came up with £7000/£7500. So far, we're mostly sticking to it. I have gone over budget on a couple of things but I've also come under budget on other things so it evens itself out.

    We're gonna save money on the cake by buying it from M&S too. My Mum is making all our stationery and my H2B's best friend is doing our photographs as a wedding present.

    I don't think you have to spend the earth, although I'm sure if we had more money we'd spend more on the wedding... but, we're staying within our means. image
  • Hi FutureMrsRichardson,

    where did you get your silk flowers from please?

    Lizzy x
  • Kellyv81Kellyv81 Posts: 243
    Hi Ladies,

    I joined this website ages ago for my own wedding planning and loved it!!

    I am a long with my now husband starting up our own photography business and although we have lots of portrait pictures we don't have any Weddings yet and this is something we would love to move into.

    So my offer is to anyone who is willing to let either of us or both come along to your wedding and take pictures for FREE.

    We will give you all the photos on disk for you to print off at Tescos etc and all we ask is that we are able to put a selection of the pictures on our website.

    If anyone is interested please contact me with the date and location at....

    [email protected]


  • Hi Kelly

    Yes agreed amazing website! So is your offer for free photography still on?


  • Im having a low Budget wedding too x My wedding is actually costing £3125 for 50 sit down guests and 80 evening guests....

    We too have done most of the decorations ourselves - center pieces, invitations etc.

    Weve paid deposits on dj, photographer, caracturist etc

    I think in total including my bargain dress our wedding is still under £5000 x

  • TerpiTerpi Posts: 1

    Hi girls, can anyone recommend where to buy a chepare designer dress? Trying to stick to a budget 5k without flights for a wedding in Cyprus next year. I don't want to spend a fortune , our wedding will be a small one with just few family/friends, around 13 of us. 

    Any suggestions where to get wedding rings, suits etc?

    Thank youimage xx

  • KarineKarine Posts: 2

    Helloooo I'm new here and have been struggling with prices. My hubby to be and I are trying to stay within budget but everything seems to be expensive. Can someone give us a list of venues for 5k budget or under.  Thank You

  • Sam52Sam52 Posts: 1

    You can also try using groupon for wedding venues as sometimes they have wedding packages under £2000. Hope this helps image

  • we've decided on a 2K wedding, so been looking at lots of budgeting ideas, my wedding dress im going to look in bridal shops sale rack as usually they have dresses under £300, i'm thinking of wearing the shoes i wore to my sisters wedding as bridesmaid (theyre silver and sparkly), possibly borrowing either my sisters veil or tiara, only having 2 bridesmaids and asking them to pay half towards the dresses and shoes, reception venue we're looking at a function room somewhere, we've already found our dj who will be £150, my partners going to ask an old school mate to do photography and he's also asking his mates partner to make our cake.

  • Lyndsey10Lyndsey10 Posts: 39

    We're getting married in January it's a lot cheaper £1000 for venue and food including dj and accommodation. Hoping to be in a £4000 budget. It's all the small things that add up!

  • If any of you budget brides to be need a wedding photographer I offer full day coverage for £400!



  • WurlastonWurlaston Posts: 48

    I write a budget wedding planning blog, providing loads of hints and tips on how to plan your wedding on a small budget. 


    I'm engaged and getting married 8/10/2016 on a 6.5k budget all in. 


    My blog is


  • Liz47Liz47 Posts: 2

    We have just about managed a big garden wedding for around £5000 (we may go over by a few hundred). This didn't include our honeymoon.


    Ours starts at town hall with 80 ceremony guests (£135) then back to marquee for meal and speeches then garden party for 120 guests. I got my dress at a sample sale, was £400 but had to pay another £150 for alterations and dry cleaning (easy to forget to budget) mum bought veil (and dress minus alterations actually but had budgeted for dress). 

    We don't have a DJ but my family are musicians who'll play live. We also have a marquee in my parents' garden but this cost > £1000 as did the 2 x bbq for lunch and eve meal so I wouldn't say that was where we saved money. They were our main costs. It is a big wedding marquee which will seat 80 and inc a PA, lights, floor and drapes, tables chairs etc.

    Our bridesmaids and ushers etc are all wearing their own stuff. I have 6 BM and 2 flowergirls, all very different looking so they didn't want to match. We did buy the boys ties and the girls flowers inc flowers for their hair and buttonholes for groom, parents, 6 ushers and 2 lads. Our flowers are from a local eco company and cost £374. We didn't get flowers for venue as garden is full of em but I did make bunting (about £20) and my family are bringing bits and bobs from home to decorate.

    Groom got a suit from debenhams £180 and I have mobile hair and makeup for me and MoH plus hair for bridesmaids that want it for £190 inc trial. My mum bought some prosecco and a keg of beer and the wedding is BYOB. My mate is a pro photographer who agreed to do our pics for £300 and we have another friend with a video company who is videoing for £180. Our friend is doin us a cake for £50 and my SiL is doin some other small cakes for free. My MoH is an artist who drew our wedding invites and RSVPs and we printed em on vistaprint as flyers for about £25.

    We don't have wedding favours as I always find people ignore em or they get left in boot of my car etc from other peoples weddings. No chair ties or bows, we are sat on long tables with benches.

    Worth me saying we have a Saturday in August so didn't need to compromise on date :-)

    I am aware we are lucky my parents have a big enough garden to accommodate this. I hope this helps other people decide they can afford £5000 wedding


  • Liz47Liz47 Posts: 2

    Also, we only decided to get married 6 months before wedding so didn't take long to plan :-)


    My advice is if u want lots of family and friends there find out what they do and get mates rates on everything you need in exchange for invite! A surprising amount of people are talented and even professional photographers/bakers/artists/musicians etc

  • Miss3Miss3 Posts: 1

    I love all these tips for budget-conscious brides who get creative by DIYing decorations and invitations and looking to alternatives to major retailers like eBay to get married without going into debt. Another option for saving money is to rent a gown and wedding jewelry. I Do Borrow offers a selection of gorgeous fine jewelry for a fraction of the cost of buying a gold and diamond necklace or bracelet to complete your look.

  • Our budget is £5000, and we will be well under.

    Venue (which includes, ceremony room, breakfast for 60 then evening party with buffet for 100, bridal suite, cake stand, chair covers, silverware and tablecloths)


    H2B Wants to wear his new blue suit he already owns

    My engagement ring came with the wedding ring

    H2B wedding ring £50

    We're having a winter wedding so having Holly and pinecones and branches in pots covered in lights (we live on a farm in the countryside so all this is free bar the lights)

    Wedding dress £200 from abroad

    Bm dresses £40 each x4

    Flowergirl  dress made by me about £10 for materials

    Other decorative items such as fairy lights £50

    Photographer £400

    Cake from M&S decorated by us £90

    Favours were £15 for 60 

    STD and invites made by ourselves material cost £20

     We are really under budget, you don't need to spend a fortune on a wedding for it to be beautiful and not tiny!

    x x


  • We are also in a low budget. We are thinking to spend around £2,000 - £3,000  and have small wedding. Maybe around 30 guest or so.  We don´t see the point of spending such a big amount of money for just one day! 

    We are now looking for a venue in London. We don´t like the idea of a pub or restaurant so I know its  going to be difficult to find something in London. Does someone have any recommendations? even if its outside London( not too far away) would be fine for us. 

    Thank you girls! 

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