How Much Did You Spend on Flowers?

Hey girls,

Quick question..... how much did you spend / are you planning to spend on flowers? And how much is going on your bouquet? Bridesmaid bouquets? Table decorations?

I'm currently trying to work out my budget - and am considering getting crystal bead bouquets - but am not sure how much more this will cost, as Im a little clueless on flowers!!

Any info would be super!

Thanks girls!


  • Hi,

    I am spending just over £1450 on 2 x bridesmaid bouquets, 6 x buttonholes, 2 x corsages, 8 x quite big table centres and 1 x 16 ft continuous band of flowers for top table. My vintage crystal and brooch bouquet is £300. All of my table decs are pretty OTT, but I hope this helps you a little xxx
  • lfoster3uklfoster3uk Posts: 241
    I went artificial, and I spent £130 on 1 waterfall bouquet for me, 4 bridesmaid posies, 20 guest buttonholes and 3 "special" buttonholes. If you are on a budget and don't mind artificial (my main worry was I have horrific hayfever as do most of h2bs family so fresh flowers were a no for us) I really recommend Petals Polly Flowers on ebay, she's fantastic and her arrangements look so real image

    Godd luck hun x x x
  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    I think mine are going to come in at about 900. Not had final quote yet. But this will give you a rough idea

    Bridal bouquet is £85

    Bridesmaids £45 each

    Button holes are 5.50 each

    Ladies' corsages are 12.50 each

    Low arrangements are 50 each incl vases

    Tall arrangements are 75 each incl vases

    Long and low arrangement fcor top table is £75

    Large standing arrangement is £120

    Delivery and set up is £35
  • HisEssexgalHisEssexgal Posts: 900
    I was quoted £1500 for my wedding, which made me go and do a short course in flower arranging, thats why I set my business up to help other brides. I ended up spending just £150 for my flowers, buttonholes and centrepiece flowers and they were all fresh flowers. If I can help let me know xx
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    We are spending £350 on my bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquet, 5 button holes and a big arrangement for the church!

    We were quoted for centre pieces at £25 a table but couldn't afford 10 tables at that cost so mum and I are doing them ourselves!
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    I am spending £350 on mine. My shower bouquet, 2 adult bm which will be a smaller version of mine, 4 bm posies, 10 buttoniers, 5 corsages. They are being done by a friend who is a Florida so they are a little cheaper. Flowers for the venue are included in our package.
  • Hi lfoster3uk , do you have any photos of your artificial flowers please? As i'm tempted to go for fake flowers as they seem much cheaper, but want real looking ones!

    Thanks Lizzy x

    [email protected]
  • lfoster3uklfoster3uk Posts: 241

    This is the ladies shop, they really are fantastic quality.

    x x
  • msmithsonmsmithson Posts: 62
    I'm only spending £300

    My bouquet was £70 I think, bridesmaids were £30 each and about 15 button holes. I'm having lot's of diamontes as well.

    I'm not having floral centre pieces for my reception so that saves me alot, however my venue decorator is supplying flesh flowers for the top table.
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    Mine's probably going to be around £150, for my bouquet and flowergirls, but these will be crystal bouquets. Button holes hopefully cheap as possible so will be artificial. There won't be any real flowers at our wedding. x
  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    Thanks for the updates! Its amazing how much it varies by! I'm planning on making my own table centres, so I wont have to add those to the cost of my flowers. However, I think the crystal bouquet I want is going to be around £200! I would love to get all my bridesmaids a crystal bouquet too but dont think I can afford it!

    I also have hayfever and want to be crying for different reasons on my wedding day!!!

    Petals Polly Flowers does look brilliant and I've saved the link!
  • kate2702xkate2702x Posts: 175
    I have my florist meeting on Saturday. Did you give your florists a max budget at your meetings?
  • Ours are costing £330. We are getting my bridal bouquet with sparkly bits in, 2 adult bridesmaids bouquets, 2 corsages for the Mum's, and 6 button holes. We are also getting 8 pew ends, 2 pedestals, and font flowers to decorate the church.

    Flowers for our table centres are being organised by our reception venue and are included in the package.
  • piglet3007piglet3007 Posts: 172
    Were spending about £400 on ours - My bouquet, 2 bridesmaid, wand for flowergirl, 5 buttonholes, 1 top table display, 8 tables candelabra top pommander and flowers round base. Were using hydrangeas along with other flowers but as they are so big we dont need to many.
  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    I'm getting my full quote tomorrow if it's 1000 I'm going to cry!
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997 reception flowers are in with the package otherwise I would seriously be having kittens (millions of them) image

    My bouquet is £140

    Bridesmaids £59 pound each

    little bridemaids wrist corsage £15 each

    Tonnes of button holes...male/female

    Quote £420! image

    I'm having calla lillies and orchids so the price has increased dramatically.
  • SparklyD2BSparklyD2B Posts: 157
    I'm buying them from The Netherlands and doing them myself. I'm spending £250 on flowers which will include:-

    - Bridal bouquet (35 stems, mainly roses)

    - Bridesmaid Bouquet (20 stems)

    - 31 Boutonniere's (31 roses)

    - 24 small centrepieces (96 roses)

    - 1 large display (40 stems)

    - 2 x bouquets for mums (70 stems)

    There will be lots to do the day before image

    Good luck with your planning! image xxx
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Mine cost £20 for my bouquet, 3 x bridesmaid bouquets and 5 buttonholes. I made them myself and bought the flowers from Sainsburys the day before.

    I paid £70 for church flowers (around the pillars & door arch)which the church arranged.

    (excuse the dodgy pic)

    I didn't have flower table decor at the venue

    Not to be big headed but people kept commenting on how nice the bouquets were all day, and they didn't know i'd made them myself so it was just to be nice lol.

  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I spent £80 on fresh flowers, 12 x button holes and my flowers

    I spent £60 on 4 x artificial s for the BM's

    I made non floral table decorations which amounted to £20 each, i had 10 of them, that included the mirrors, vases, water crystals, twig lights, curling ting ting and little red roses.


    BM's & button holes

    Table Decs

    Grand Total! £340 and i made back £60 from selling the vases and mirrors, the BM's got to keep theirs too image
  • They say you should budget about 10% of the cost of your wedding for flowers...

    I entered a competition at a wedding fair, and won a half price bridal bouquet if i then booked. So i took advantage of that and mine cost:


    Bridesmaid I said £50 each

    Mums corsages - £25

    Button holes - £5 each

    Table diaplays are £150 each

    It really does depend on the flowers you want, my florist really helped out to get the bridesmaid down to £50 each, but suggesting using more foliage, but will still give the flowers a great look.

    Good luck image

    This is what ive chosen and got it half price
  • MrsP81MrsP81 Posts: 15

    I got married a few weeks ago.

    I had a massive peony bouquet, 2 b/maid bouquets, 5x buttonholes (£5 each but some guests had been to a different florist and been charged £17 each so watch out for this!), 5 large/tall impressive centre table pieces with low displays round the base of each vase and top table decoration. We also had 2 corsages and a gentlemans buttonhole.

    Bill was £660 and this included the hire of the vases.

    Don't know how to add photos sorry! But I had alot of flowers and I think it was a reasonable price.

    We used a local florist and used seasonal (spring) flowers.

    Hope that helps.

    Nicola image
  • MrsSaranneMrsSaranne Posts: 448
    If you go to a small independent shop they may be able to do you a good deal.

    I told my florist my budget and what we wanted. If you pay then and there it gives you a bit of negotiating power.

    We are having potted hydrangeas for the centrepieces tied with ribbon. I just can't bare flowers besing wasted so will give them to my guests for planting after. We will spend about £400 with 5 button holes, 8 centre pieces, 3 wrist corsages, 2 pomanders, 3 bridesmaid bouquets and 1 bride bouquet. Mixture of silk and real flowers.
  • £300 in total

    £200 at a florist

    My bouquet

    2 x bridesmaids bouquets

    3 x corsages

    7 corsages

    £100 at the flower market

    8 x pew ends

    1 top table decoration

    2 bouquets for grandparents gifts

    60 x carnation button holes for guests
  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    I've just had my invoice. I had a little cry! It came to 941

    but we're having quite large arrangements so I suppose I can't complain. This was for one large urn arrangement on a pillar, 3 tall arrangements, 3 low arrangements, four foot flowing long and low arrangement for top table, my bouquet, 2 bridesmaids bouquets, 1 grooms buttonhole, 9 mens buttonholes, 2 mother's corsages and 2 grandmas corsages. All vase hire is included.

    I cringe when I think it's nearly 1000 pounds but I always imagined I'd have lots of flowers and I don't like lots of greenery so they should be packed with flowers. If I end up with a few twigs ina vase there's going to be trouble! Please someone say they've spent more than this and make me feel better!
  • elle215elle215 Posts: 50

    Im spending just over £400 on mine, which includes

    my bridal bouquet £65

    4 silk bridesmaid bouquets £75

    28 family buttonholes £100

    7 groomsmen buttonholes £5 each

    4 coursages £12.50 each

    long and low top table arrangement £60

    2 thank you bouquets £25 each

    ive gone with seasonal flowers which helps to keep the cost down a little. image

    I would go round several florists, and get a quote in writing with no estimates, my friend got caught out like this she was quoted an amount for her flowers, but when she came to pay for them the bill was £200 more!!!
  • kate2702xkate2702x Posts: 175
    Just had my first meeting with the florist today. I am having a country garden theme so had the idea of pale pastel colours. I had found a pic of a display using David Austin roses, and my florsit told me that would cost a huge amount and suggested Peonies, which look v.v.similar. She also suggested buying my own vases or jugs to cut costs (before I even told her my budget) - did she not want me money?! Anyway, I was quoted:

    1 x bouquet - peonies, avalanche roses £60

    4 x bridesmaids coursages - peonies and other lil flowers £20 each

    8 x button holes £3.50 each

    8 x table centres £30 each

    1 x large hanging wreath (being used in 2 seperate locations)£65

    So £485... sounds good to me...
  • MrsBee2012MrsBee2012 Posts: 16
    I spent around 400 for one bouquet, one BM twist corsage, four corsage, and 6 buttonhole and 5 table centre pieces.
  • MagentadazeMagentadaze Posts: 968
    A little tip. Don't give florists a deposit until you have had a written quotation not an estimate. I made this mistake and when I got the written quote it was a lot more expensive.
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