My Wedding - Total Cost break down

Hey all,

Ok, so I'v been meaning to do this for a while. Im going to list what I spent on what in total and hope this can help brides on a budget. My Potential Budget was £3510. We used our disposable income from when we started planning in Sept 2010 until our wedding in April 2011 (we had 6 monthly pay days), we chose to do it this way as didn't want any debt to pay off and didn't want to eat into savings


St. Wilfrids, West Hallam

Service - £444

Flowers - £70

Bells - £120


The Risley Park, Risley

Venue incl. bar Extension - £290

Buffet - £487

Welcome Drinks - £136

DJ - £120


Dress ~ Charlotte Balbier 'Thea' Ivory/Pewter - £300 Sample Sale

Veil ~ Rainbow Club - £70

Shoes ~ Pink Paradox 'Lipstick' - £70

Perfume ~ Gucci Flora - £40

Garter ~ £3

Hair ~ £25

Eyelash extensions ~ £50 (I would not have these again)


Dresses x3 ~ Oil (bought from ebay brand new) - £80

Flowergirls x2 ~ Freespirit (bought from ebay brand new) - £25

Cardi's x2 ~ Next - £32


Moss Bros 'Lingfield' x5 - £380

Grooms shoes - £70

Aftershave - £30


Homemade ~ Sainsburys - £20

(made brides, 3x bridesmaids, 5x buttonholes)


Agent Provocateur 'Love' ~ from ebay brand new - £120

(the colour is much nicer in the flesh)


Invites ~ Vista Print - £30

Homemade Seating Plan, Place Names & Table Numbers - £70


Hannah Millard - 8hrs unlimited pics + engagement shoot - £300

(over 600 pics received)

Disposable Cameras

Max Spielmann Free development - £40


Small white gold band for me & Large silver band for Hubby (he chose silver so if/when its damaged at work we can easily replace it) - £230


Car - Friends Merc - £0

Cake - Auntys homemade - £0

Earrings - Xmas prezzy from Hubby - £0

Makeup - Did myself - £0

Venue Decor - MIL made/sorted - £0

Bridesmaids Shoes - Their own - £0

Total - £3552 £52 over budget image

(to see my wedding report go to )


  • dee2ukdee2uk Posts: 635 New bride
    wow, you did really well and it all looked stunning..great thread x
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    Wow, you did really well. I wish we weren't spening so much.
  • soon2bmrswsoon2bmrsw Posts: 520
    wow you have done really well.

    i cant believe how much your eyelash extensions were though thats shocking image

    my budget is £5000 and im hoping to come in under budget if i can too. im making my own invites and order of service and cake.

    congratulations on the wedding xx
  • MrsSaranneMrsSaranne Posts: 448
    Well done, we are of the same mind about wedding debt, the day we get married everything including the honeymoon will be paid for in full - no debt!! You look fab and I love the purple - we are having purple too!
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Thanks girls.

    I know the eyelashes weren't worth it. They were supposed to last upto 8weeks, but had completely come out by 2weeks and so had mu own eyelashes image . Dont get me wrong they looked ok, a bit long for my liking (i had them to make my eyelashes thicker).
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Just to add (thank you for reminding me MissSaranne)


    Egypt, 1 weeks AL 5* package - £400 p/p

    Trip to 'Petra' Lost City, Jordan - £200 p/p

    Total - £1200

    We asked guest/family/friends to give money instead of a gift, if they wanted, for us to go on a Honeymoon.

    We booked 2 days before we went, and it was Fantastic!

  • MrsJ2011MrsJ2011 Posts: 117
    What about your rings? x
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841

    I knew there'd be something I forgot.

    Our friend is a Jeweller and Gave us a fantastic wholesale discount. Rings cost £230 for both. I will add that into the report. So just over budget, Damn. Lol
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Just to make myself feel better about the £52 over spend, I saved £1585 by buying my dress in the sample sale, BM & FG dresses from ebay and the rings discount. So If I bought these at the original prices I'd still had the same wedding but at the total cost of £5137!! image
  • 11nov1111nov11 Posts: 366
    amazing!! your wedding is one of my fav looks ever!!
  • hazeldkhazeldk Posts: 40
    You look amazing and you got some great bargains. I thought I was a savvy shopper; but my wedding budget is still coming in at just under 10k (including honeymoon/stag/ hen/ spends)

    Love your BM dresses. x
  • Brilliant and it was a great day too!! xx image
  • saraxitahsaraxitah Posts: 169
    lucky you! we r losing track on our budget
  • fantastic love the fact you only went £52 over well done. Your shoes are gorgeous & your bouquet looks fab. Did you have a link you followed? We are doing my bouquet so would be really interested x
  • This is amazing and really very helpful, I am trying to do my whole wedding for £3000 so it is good to see it can be done! Your photographer especially seems amazing, we are meeting with a potential photographer tomorrow but if that doesn't work out then I might well contact her myself! I am also amazed at the deal that you got on the dresses and the fact that you managed to get them matching, I am having purple bridesmaids dresses and need to get them for less then £50 and had sort of resigned myself to having dresses that didn't match (which wouldn't be a disaster considering our wedding will be quite informal) but yours look lovely, how did you manage to get them so cheap? Do you have any tips for me please? Thanks
  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    just read your report - omg you are such a gorgeous couple - your pictures are just incredible - so happy. can only dream ours turn out that beuatiful!

    i hope u dont mind me asking how did you have your hair done? i am doing my own hair and i want curls just like yours!xxx
  • SAMMYDwasWSAMMYDwasW Posts: 303
    You have just proven you can do a high quality, elegant wedding at a bargain price.
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    amazing!! your wedding is one of my fav looks ever!!

    Thank You, your comment made my day image
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Brilliant and it was a great day too!! xx

    Hello Abbey!!

    Abbey was my MOH image
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    fantastic love the fact you only went £52 over well done. Your shoes are gorgeous & your bouquet looks fab. Did you have a link you followed? We are doing my bouquet so would be really interested x

    No didn't follow any link. I knew I didn't want anything to fancy or structure, so bought some raffia in advance. It was a little risky, but we just went to sainsburys the day before the wedding, I knew they had had tulips in so hoping they still did, then just put them together lol. We did google'd 'tulip bouquets' pictures but there wasn't really any.

    Sorry I cant help with a link, Im sure they'll be videos on youtube though.
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Thanks so much for sharing this breakdown, is good o see how well yo did with the money I've been worrying about the spends, but you've inspired me that it can be one on a reasonable budget.

    Thank you image
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Thank you to everyone else that has commented.

    Im happy this has been helpful.

    SoonToBeMrsWragg I know she has put her prices up now. We booked her at the beginning of the year, but she has been completely booked up and as a result has been able to put up her prices. She's still a good price though, £675 for unlimited coverage and and engagement shoot included. image
  • What a beautiful wedding!! You did SO well with your budget, everything looks so elegant image xx
  • Ah, the budget. The budget is a tricky beast, wouldn't you agree? Everyone who is contributing to it wants a say in how the funds are used, not to mention the fact that it has a funny way of rapidly expanding (much like my stomach after my recent purchase of six boxes of Girl Scout cookies...).
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