Recommend a savings account please!

Hi everyone,

My fiance and I want to open a savings account to put some money away each month now that we are in full time employment (finally!! image )

We don't have a date for the wedding yet but we think it will be the summer of 2014 so we need to start saving.

Can anyone recommend a good savings account that has good interest rate - although hopefully we wont need instant access we wouldn't want to have to wait too long to get access to the money encase of emergencies or suppliers needing money quickly. (I know that this will prob affect the interest rate we will get).

We are based in N. Ireland so we might not have access to all savings accounts but if they also allow online access we can normally get them (hope that makes sense!)

Any recommendations are gratefully received! image


  • Sandy2BeSandy2Be Posts: 47
    First Direct currently have a regular saver, you can save between £25 and £300 each month and you get 8% interest - better than any ISA on the market out there. You have to keep your money in there for 12 months to get the 8% interest but if you are desperate you can draw it out and just forfeit the interest. I have 2 savings accounts, this one and another one I can use to access quickly if I need to without having to forfeit my lovely interest rate on this one. Agree with Cora08 that Martin Lewis will help though, he's always got good reviews on banking.
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Not sure, but there's a recommend a friend offer on at the moment with Santander for a current account and if I recommend someone I get £25 and they get £100 so if anyone is considering swapping let me know as benefits both of us!! (We get free travel insurance through them as well = honeymoon savings!)
  • Clarabel1983Clarabel1983 Posts: 194
    If you don't think you're going to get married until 2014, it may be worth putting the money in an instant access ISA. You and your fiance will both get separate allowances, so you can save around £10,600 per year between you tax free.
  • dizzyheightsdizzyheights Posts: 216
    Thanks everyone for your help! We will take a look into all those and see which one suits but the ISA sounds good clarabel
  • The YBS online savings account is pretty awesome image
  • We used a Nationwide e-savings plus as the rate was the best we could find. Its instant access though you are restricted to 6 withdrawals in a year, or forfeit the good interest rate. If you're looking at saving for the long term and will be able to plan your withdrawals to keep within that allowance then I'd recommend that one.
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