Negotiating - Don't Ask, Don't Get

Hi Ladies,

I remember a thread a while back when someone said they didn't know how to negotiate with their suppliers.

We have just got 10% off h2b's wedding ring, and I just wanted to let new b2b's know that it is almost entirely that simple - IF YOU DON'T ASK YOU DON'T GET!!

We bought my wedding ring from the same jewellery chain he has chosen his from. They do a deal of 10% off your wedding ring when you buy your engagement ring for them. I asked whether they could give us 10% because we had also bought my wedding ring from them - I fully expected them to say no because it's not the deal they offer, and high street stores usually have no room for negotiation. They checked with the manager and we saved ourselves £50!!

Our venue was more expensive than others, so we told them that and lo and behold £500 off venue hire plus 10% off.

Look out for best offers on Ebay - I bought something and made an offer - ok it was only £2.50 and I paid £2, but I saved 20% - there's nothing to say you can't make a similar percentage saving on more expensive items.

I would also suggest shopping with independent retailers - they will usually be more open to negotiation.

Good luck with all your planning and hope you all bag a bargain along the way! image


  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    Totally agree; so far, I've haggled with the venue over hire fees and saved £600, I also haggled with them on the room costs (all rooms have to be booked, so I wanted good prices for our guests if we're encouraging them to stay there), and on the suites we saved about £80 on this year's prices.

    As you say, if you don't ask, you'll never know so it's worth a try.
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    I totally agree. So far I have managed to negotiate £90 off my wedding dress, £50 off the cost of our ceremny room hire, 10% off my wedding ring, 20% off the cost of our drinks reception drinks, a small buffet instead of canapes after our ceremony (we're not having a sit down meal) for £6 a head, even though our venue charge £4 a head for 3 canapes(!) and £1.50 a head off the cost of our evening BBQ.

    I am normally quite a shy person, but I have definatley got used to asking for money off, and the more times people agree, the more you want to ask for!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We saved on our rings just by asking if discount for buying them both together. We saved over £50 on the wedding car as asked if any discount as only next village.

    The venue evening food we knocked £300 as they said minimum of £10 per head, we asked what they could do for 100 people (still 80%) at £7 per head and it was loads.

    Got free suit hire on one suit and half price on 2 others as hired all together. Saved 25% on BM dress by getting voucher from magazine
  • i got our 4 cars down from £395 each to £250 each for 3 hours image
  • Def agree, it's amazing what you can get just for asking. I got 10% of my bridesmaids dresses and 50% off my veil because I bought everything from the same shop as my dress. But the big save - we got £7000 off our venue by begging them to waive the room hire fee (it's a big central london hotel). We have to have min 70 guests, but it's still a total steal. I think the girl just knew we loved it, and felt sorry for us!! It helps if it's quite far in advance as well - they're happy to have the booking.
  • We were planning our wedding originally for Aug 2010 but due to buying a house we put it back to July 2012.

    The first time around I found suppliers sooo easy to neg with, I was managing to get quite a bit off. This time around no-one seems interested in knocking much off, they are different types of suppliers as what we want has changed. So far...

    1, The venue is a stunning barn but the only venue of its kind locally so they wouldnt budge an inch. Were more than happy to see us walk away.

    2, The twmpath band gave price, I emailed back saying it was slightly over budget and would there be any way of bringing the price to budget (ie, one band member less, shorter playing time, etc) they havent responded a fortnight later.

    3, Actually, thinking on it just those. I will have to try harder image

    Good luck ladies xxxx
  • The caterer is next on my list, for evening BBQ. I am wondering if I would have more luck if we wait until 'wedding season' (if there even is one anymore) is over?

    After the previous 2 suppliers I have kind of lost heart a little!
  • I think the earlier you book the more chance you've got of getting a discount. It's an unstable economic climate - people are happy to get the bookings in.
  • MrsGenn2BMrsGenn2B Posts: 240
    I agree with this - so far we've only really booked our venue, but we negotiated getting the room hire for the evening reception for free, upgrading the wine but paying the lower prices and negotiating hard on the evening buffet too. I think they realised how much we liked the venue, plus we offered to pay them earlier than they had asked and in cash that we had saved especially.

    Never any harm in asking! Just shows you how so many things and places (but not everything I know!) put a buffer on their prices that they can afford to reduce them!
  • wow, i need to get negotiating!! mind you, our venue was a bargain, only 2500 for a 3 star country house hotel with reception 3 course meal and drinks for 40 guests and evening buffet and disco for 85 guests including all table centerpieces and an overnight it will be christmas so don't really need to do much decorating.imageimage
  • This has inspired to get negotiating!

    I have just got a quote back for wedding cars and ive emailed him back saying its over budget and is there any way he can give me a better price.

    Our Venue was a bargain thats why we booked it, i got £600 off my dress for buying the sample, and i got some little cards and envolopes off ebay with best offer and got 50p off better than nothing!

    Im going to keep trying with the negotiating now
  • hey ladys

    I love negotiating so far i have had £300 pound off the photographer, £300 off the videographer and £60 off the cake.

    I completely agree you dont ask you dont get, I do get a bit of a buzz my getting some money knocked off. But to be honest we are getting married on a friday in december so that is a bit of a bargain tool image
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