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Is anyone doing their own flowers?



  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    here's the seller hunimage xx

    ooohhhh added that one to my saved sellers! They are fantastic.
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    wedding stresshead ... try to keep to odd numbers say three sunflowers and five roses .. hand tied bouquets always work better usuing odd numbers and try not to keep two flowers the same next to each other your iris's should be spaced a bit too so as you look down on your bouquet they look like points of a star .. welldone tho love the colours xx
  • Weddingstresshead, I love your bouquet - such gorgeous colours!

    I am planning to do my own reception flowers but will be doing very simple arrangements. I'm doing them the day before, with my mum and MIL2B, and they'll be in water so will last. I'm hoping that between the 3 of us it will only take a few hours and wouldn't consider doing it if it meant the whole day before the wedding would be taken up with work! I will probably order the flowers from .

    Good luck with your flowers everyone!
  • I helped a friend do their own flowers, when I was a bridesmaid.

    Mother-in-law did ours. They were magnificent, but it cost her £900 for the flowers. With a florist, I think it would have set us back, best part of 3k.

    As long as you are not fussy about matchy matchy perfection, its not too difficult to do your own.

    My friend kept it really simple, and didnt go for OTT flowers, just a simple rustic arrangement.

    Heres some brides who did their own table flowers:
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    Something that I once read in a wedding magazine has never left me and it's such a beautiful idea. A couple sent out sachets of flower seeds with their invites and asked their guests to grow them and bring them on the day. Then, they just filled their reception room up with everyone's flowers and it looked divine.
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