Recommended photographers in Essex for a small budget wedding?

Can anyone reccommend a good quality photographer based in, or willing to travel to Essex?

We've got a relatively small budget, and would only really want the ceremony and family & guests photos covered, but still would like good quality photos taken and all the photos taken on a copyright free cd for us to print out as and when!

I prefer to go by other people's recommendations as to just randomly picking someone off Google, so has anyone got an recommendations for me? image


  • I have a friend that's doing mine. I'm happy to send his details along to you, if he says it's okay.

    PM me and let me know whereabouts in Essex you are based x
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    Thanks! I've PM'd you!!! image
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    We are using

    I don't think the price is listed on the website - but i know he does disc only packages as my friend is having that option for her wedding - and they are on a tight budget!

    He's also a lovely guy and very modern slightly different style image

    Laura xx
  • If you look at the Master Photographers Association website you will be able to find a list of qualified photographers. The MPA makes sure that they all have public and professional indemnity insurance and that their photography is up to the right standard.

    Whoever you choose make sure you meet them first and get on well with them, also have a look at some complete weddings they have photographed rather than just a "best of" selection.

    As you have said personal recommendation is always a good place to start image
  • I'm not getting married in Essex but i think my photographer is based there- xx
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    We are using Gary Derbridge from Southend

    Our wedding isn't until next year but we met up with him a couple of months ago and he was so friendly. He is a very young photographer but his work is brilliant.

    He does CD only packages and also albulm packages.

    He does a free engagement shoot beforehand too!

    Im not sure what your budget is but I think his prices start around £500. Most other photographers we went with wanted at least £800 and thats just to take photos with no albulms or anything.

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    Someone linked to this y&yw thread earlier which is great..
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    We are also using 'the edge photography' his work looks amazing! We have just the disc option at the moment and paid £500 for all day coverage, but we can upgrade our package later if needs be to include an album etc, he's very friendly and he did 2 of my friends weddings image recommendations ate the best way x
  • Ours start at £495 for two photographers, next day gallery - recommended all over YAYW and the internet. link in my signature

    other than that try for tons who charge under £500
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