Chair covers

we have starting considering getting chair covers, need about 75 anyone have any suggestions on where we can buy these in bulk to save some money?


  • Have you tried Ebay if you want to buy them? Just make sure that the covers are the right size/shape for the chair you are going to be putting them on - something I didn't realise was an issue until recently!
  • Maria1985xMaria1985x Posts: 195
    Will it not be cheaper just to hire them?
  • 1SmartBride1SmartBride Posts: 1,579
    I'm hiring from the White Wedding Chair company online.

    Ive got 100 chair covers and sashes arriving a couple of days before the big day and they will arrange collection after for £200. image
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    Where do you live?

    There's weddings by design in the north west who do packages based on needing 100, it's £330 ish for covers, centrepieces etc
  • Take a look at my offer: Book your chair covers and sashes before the 15th August and hire the Royal Mail Post Box for free! PLUS 10% off the total bill xx
  • I agree - rental is the way to go! Far less stress.

    If you're anywhere around Buckinghamshire, these guys hire any number of chair covers with loads of different options for sashes and stuff

    If you want to buy and do them yourself, make sure you have a good team of people who will be around to help you set-up - it will take much longer than you think it will! image
  • Hi I'm getting mine from Make My Day - Venue Dressing.

    100 for £150,that includes set up and removal and the organza sashes. I'm having lycra and they fit all chairs with legs and no arms.

    They did my sisters last week and it looked stunning, she had a wish tree frm them too, dont know how much though.

    They will give you a quote for travel if your not in their area, and its very reasonalble, Much cheaper than hiring, and no hassle.
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