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I know it varies from one flower/style to another not to mention location, florist etc. But I'd be interested to hear how much people are paying for their bouquets. I'm looking at having a round (kinda ball shaped - dunno how to describe it) made from roses and gebras. My bridesmaids are just having three gebras that are staggered in height. Oh and how much are you paying for button holes? thanks xxx


  • My florist quoted me £120 for my bouquet, £80 for each of the bridesmaids bouquets (2 bridesmaids) £15 for flower girls, £4.50 for buttonholes, and reception flowers are a mix between £15 and £20 each depending on the size. The flowers I am having are peonies, roses, hydrangeas, hypericum berries, stocks, astilbe, alchemilla mollis and eucalyptus leaves.

    Hope that's helpful!
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    My bouquets for myself and the BM are purely just hydreangeas, handtied. Mine will be £35, BM's will be £25 each and buttonholes which will be orchids are £7.50 each.

    Good luck with the planning!
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    thanks both of you xxx
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    i had white tulips, white roses and fresias in my bouquet and it was £60. My bridesmaids had roses and tulips and theirs were £30 each.

    The button holes were white roses and a bit of eucalyptus and i think they were £5 each
  • Mine come in at £120 for 8 button holes, my bouquet, 3 bms bouquets and 3 corsages. They are brilliant artificial ones from a woman on ebay, look really real and as i am having a winter wedding flowers are far too expensive. She is really really good, mine are roses and beargrass loops done with diamantes and ribboned holders x
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    Thanks you two. The florist was supposed to drop my quote off at my house (by Friday at the latest) and Ive still not got it. So I dont know what my prices will be like. I have seriously considered artificial flowers, but am just worried about buying them from somewhere like ebay where I cant see them first. I might check out somewhere like Country Baskets or The Range x
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    Hi there

    i have noticed that you are interested in silk flowers, i am a florist and have moved over to silk floral design. I would be happy to quote for you, if you want to Pm i can give you detais of my website to have a look at.

    Just to add, you would need a trade card to go to CB.

    There is a large range in quality and i do not use cheap looking blooms, and always ensure that they phtograph well, so if you do feel like doing your own creations, it would be a good idea to photograph the bloom to check how they look x
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    Thanks, yes I have a card for Country Baskets. I have decided to go for 'real' flowers. I went to a differnt florist today and was much happier with the service and the quality of flowers x
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