I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Well I got engaged on the 16 July 2010 and I'm getting married 2 weeks on Saturday. Me and h2b have had a hard year of saving and now as my title says I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We haven't really managed to do the wedding on budget! Our original budget was £12k and has gone up to £21k (without honeymoon as my lovely brother is paying for that!), this has caused me a LOT of stress over the last year, but we have been careful not to get in loads of debt and cut costs in our daily lives as much as possible. At the moment my interest free credit card bill is £2700, but I know I'm getting £1000 off my gran as a wedding present (not expecting it just this is what she gives all her grandchildren and I've been told I will get the same) and I will also have £900 left in savings at the date of the wedding which I will use to pay off some of the credit card, I just wanted some cash available until after the

wedding just in case. So in total we will have £800 debt from the wedding.

What I'm trying to say is cutting back and scrimping and saving is so worth it because it makes you feel so good about yourself when you get to the end. In total we've had £2000 contributed to our wedding plus the £1000 we're getting from my gran, everything else will have been paid for by us and I'm so proud of us!

Hopefully this will encourage all of you who are so fed up of saving and want to just go out and spend spend spend.

Good luck everyone! If I can do it so can you xxx


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Congratulations!! It's so nice to hear an inspiring story to keep me going for another year x
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    We have a year left as well and it has been really tough at times, we've had to dip into the wedding fund on quite a few occasions as we've been saving so hard and have not left room for contingencies (e.g. had to have my wisdom tooth out which led to about £100 in dentist bills, had no spare cash) and sometimes we've just kind of said f*** it we need to splash out and we've booked theatre tickets or something. I'm a teacher and this summer I have done a few weeks moonlighting to earn some cash to add to the wedding fund, and hopefully it will be the last summer I ever have to give up!! It's all getting so real and exciting!
  • ChlobelleChlobelle Posts: 303
    Hi your story is very inspiring and well done image

    my budget is no where near as grand as yours we are getting married in 2013 and trying to keep the budget to £2013.

    So far so good we will see if we can do it. I hope so and as we are new french residents we dont have the luxury of a credit card and hope not to have to dip into our fund. But life is life and always throws unexpected obstacles at us.
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