Help Please - Budget for Main BM Items

Hi All,

What have you spent / budgeted to spend on each of your BM's (not including jewellery / accessories / gifts)? image

I would like to buy my BM's;

* dresses (high street one's so they can ear them again rather than traditional BM dresses),

* shoes,

* throw / pashmina as it will be an October wedding).



  • gemz1985gemz1985 Posts: 174
    I think you can spend as much or as little as you like, I've ended up spending a lot more than I thought I would but keep seeing things and getting carried away.

    Im lucky that my mum is making all the dresses for me so fabric for 7 dresses cost me abot £300, a huge saving on buying ready made dresses. Im also getting my girls fur stoles, but again think my mum will make these as will be much cheaper. They are buying their own shoes, im paying for their hair and make up and got them jewellery and a little gift bag which I will give to them the night before with some pampering bits and a little bottle of wine and choccies. I think altogether I've spent about £140 on each bridesmaid image
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    You guys are a lot more generous than us! We're not paying for their dresses, though the 2 adult BMs are my sister and my other half's sister so we're expecting parents to pay. If I'd have asked friends to be BMs then I may have done differently. We'll be paying for their hair and obviously their cars, and have bought them small favours so far, but would like to get them a nice piece of jewellery each (I think a budget of £50 each is a reasonable amount).

    For the kiddies we have said to the parents that we wouldn't expect them to have to pay more than £50 for the entire outfit, which is approx what they would be paying for a new outfit anyway so all are happy with this, if we go over we will pay the difference.

    As my other half wants a 3 piece lounge suit and wants to buy it so that he keep it as his "best suit", and we would want the best man to be matching, we will either say to the best man we will buy his then flog it afterwards, or he can give us £50 for it and keep it.

    We are trying to keep to a budget and I know all of the above might seem tight but everyone is happy with the arrangements and I think we're being fairly fair, after all tradition is they buy everything themselves.

    In terms of your budget highstreet can still range dramatically, for example new look/boo hoo etc, very reasonable, mid price of Debenhams/Oasis, then you have the high street designers that could set you back £200 a dress, same with Coast, comes out quite expensive.
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    I have six bridesmaids and are paying for all their dresses. I'm going to get them custom made of ebay- my friend's sister in law did this and was over the moon with them. They work out much cheaper at under £40 a dress. I have asked all my girls to kindly buy their own shoes (not fussy on different styles etc as long as they're all silver) and my auntie and best friend are hairdressers so they're doing all the hair for free. As for makeup, they're just doing their own. I'm doing my own as I feel confident in doing so. Jewellery, I'm toying with the idea of getting them necklaces as presents image
  • MrsLlew1MrsLlew1 Posts: 116
    I bought my bridesmaid her dress (high street, not a proper BM dress £70), she offered to pay for her shoes but when we went shopping the shoes were in the sale - (£13, bargin!!!!!!!!) so i bougth them and a matching bag. I also made her a pearl bracelet and bought earrings for the day. I think i had budgeted about £150 at the start and spent about £100. My mum paid for us all to have our hair and nails done (me, my BM, 2 sisters and her) which was very very lovely of her.

    I think you can spend a fortune on BM dresses, just depends what you want really
  • including jewellery and accessories, i've budgeted £100 per BM.

    I got their dresses for £50 each in the debenhams sale, so have £50 per BM left for shoes and a handbag and a hair accessory.

    I'm not buying them jewellery, they can wear their own jewellery.

    Then I'm going to budget £5-10 each for a gift to say thankyou for being my BMs.
  • Oh yeh, i will pay for them to have their hair done on the day at the same time my mum and i have ours done, but we will all be doing our own makeup.
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    I'am paying for everything, I have 3 adult bridesmaids, and Im paying for their -




    Hair and make up

    As I would personally feel guilty asking them to be my bridesmaid and then saying they have to pay image

    Im hoping each bridemaid will come in at £215 each so £645 in total x
  • I have 2 bridesmaids and have bought them each a dress from Debenhams which was £80 and a pair of shoes which were £30.
  • mrsC2b2012mrsC2b2012 Posts: 734
    I have 3 adult bmaids, 2 tweenagers, and 3 flowergirls

    We are paying half of all the dresses

    Adult = £190 total we pay £95

    Teen = £80 total we pay £40

    F girl = £85 total we pay £42.50

    They are/their parents are paying fir shoes

    My aunt is doing hair

    Make up is £25 - we are paying for f girls aren't having any

    Jewellery was about £40 pp

    Gift is budgeted at about £15-20 pp

    Flowers = £35 pp f girls having dolly bag = £15

    Manicure = £10 pp

    So that means a total of if my maths are right lol

    Adult = £230ish

    Teen = £160ish

    F girl = £130ish

    So about £1300ish
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