Budget Busting Ideas, Please

Hi, My H2B and I are on a very restricted budget (£500 for everything except the registry office fees). I'm making my dress, not having bridesmaids or flowers, catering the whole thing ourselves, cash bar at the venue (much as this grates on me) and making the cake, but it still seems like an impossible task. Does anyone have any extra saving tips that might be helpful?



  • What are you doing about rings?

    We got ours from a really good seller on ebay for less than half what they would've been on the highstreet.

    The seller was http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/elma.jewellery.ltd/&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2754 but they're on holiday at the minute i think so there's no listings.
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    put cds on the tables (cheap from poundshop)etc and ask guests to upload their pictures and send then back no need to worry thenx
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    My aunt and cousin are making the invites for me as their present, and my cousin is also making bunting from an old duvet cover that my aunt's neighbour donated!!

    Another cousin used to work in a department type store and waited for some garden lanterns to go into the sale, which were about £4 each (not much but soon adds up), then bought them with his staff discount so got about half a dozen for 70p each which we'll decorate the outdoor area with.

    Depends on your venue but could do bring a bottle? I wouldn't mind doing that would save money as a guest! And don't feel bad about having a cash bar we're doing the same, and I've never been to a wedding where alcohol was free apart from an odd glass of crap wine (one wedding we went to the wine was so bad we were drinking red wine with orange juice just to make it bearable!!) I would really rope in your friends and family for help. Have a look on groupon and other similar sites for deals for beauty treatments/photography. You could put a free ad out somewhere saying do any trainee wedding planners/photographers etc wants to get involved for free as part of a portfolio.

    We're also asking for a contribution towards a honeymoon fund to enable us to have the trip of a lifetime.
  • If you have a few guests who are into baking you could have an old-fashioned cake competition - when you send your invites out, ask people to bring a home-made cake along, the bride and groom will pick the winner and give a prize. That way you will have desserts for everyone for the price of a (small) prize.
  • Thanks ever so much for your ideas, the bunting idea is fab. We've got old sheets and curtains and even scraps from my dress so, we'll definitely be doing that one.

    The venue won't allow bring a bottle, but having said that the steward is allowing us to use the room, disco lights and the PA system free of charge

    As for the rings, a friend of mine did silversmithing at college, so hopefully he'll be making them out of old jewellery.

    I'd never even thought of a dessert competition - another great one we'll probably be trying.

    Thanks again, you've given me plenty of inspiration
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    yes, the cake competition is a fantastic..im sure yu can do it, have you thought of having a small silk posy, just for something for you to carry as you walk down the isle, this could also double up as a decoration for the main table you sit at..just an idea. You could also contact local colleges and ask for photography, they will be happy to do it for free xx
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    Why don't you have a kind of garden fete type theme?

    As well as the cake competition you could also:

    - have some good old fashioned games like hook a duck, giant jenga/chess/twister, face painting for the kids, if you have anyone who is creative you could also have a cocnut shy, or if you have outdoor space bowls or croquet.

    - collect glass jars off everyone you know. Use them as tealight holders, have single stem flowers in, or make your own homemade jam as favours

    Have a look in Ikea for mini vases/tea lights etc. Also the discounted stores like Home Bargains/Wilkinson. Does anyone you know have a Macro (or similar) card? Or country baskets card (florist/garden centre wholesalers)?

    For the bunting probably the easiest and quickest way to do it is to use those scissors that cut in like a zig zag (sorry can't remember their name!) and just cut them out with that, it will save you doing seams/hems (again whatever they're called!!) and shouldn't fray (even if it does it will add to the look of it).

    We're also doing like a washing line (made of a white metal decoration that has like a dove or something and says love on it, add string to each end and bought some decorative pegs, we're then going to peg a load of photos to it.

    You could do a homemade photo booth, you could use a digital camera or just get a couple of disposable ones, ask friends/family for any props/fancy dress etc they have hanging around, print a couple of caption out on paper or give them a chalk board and voila.

    You could ask someone to go round with a video camera and do like a video guest book with messages for you.

    You could make your own wishing tree:

    If you have any bridesmaids the whole mismatched look is really in fashion at the moment, give them a basic description and let them choose/pay for their own:

    What is your theme/colour theme, maybe we can look out for ideas for you? x
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    Hi there!

    Instead of using party favours at the wedding, why not have a candy bar! Have a look what this bride did, she is featured on our wedding blog so take a look and hopefully this will give you some ideas. On the blog we also include a number of budget bride examples so take a peep.

    365 Brides

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    I forbid you to have a candy bar doing-it-ourselves. A sweety buffet now that's a different story haha!
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    Lindsayu Im honestly not stakling you (Ive just replied to you on another thread) but Im wondering whats the difference between a candy bar and sweety buffet? x
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    Same thing but we're not American hahaha! Since when did we call it candy!!!!!
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