My budget-have I done OK?

Venue hire for whole day from ceremony until last dance: £650

Afternoon tea for 60 including canapes to 'bulk it out':£786

Drinks package (post ceremony champagne, 1/2 bottle wine with meal, champagne for toast) for 60: £1137

Canapes for post ceremony/pre afternoon tea for 60: £231

Eveing food: Hot roast pork sarnies/chips for 100: £795

PA system hire (Ipod djing): £50

Photographer: £800

Honeymoon (10 days in a Europen city): £1000*

Registar fees: £380

my dress: £200

His suit: £200*

Rings: £200*

Car, using a posh taxi as only need it for a 20 min journey to town: £100

Decoration: DIY

Flowers (mum is doing using Aldi blooms): £50*

Cake (from M&S, decorated ourselves) £100

Invites: DIY

Bridesmaid dress contribution: £200

Bridemaid accessories: £90*

Grooms party shirts (not doing 'matchy matchy suits): £80*

Favours (my friend owns a luxury chocolate shop!): £60

So I get my total at: £7759.

The things I have put stars* next to are estimates. Am I on target with this? Advice welcome!!!


  • MrsKettMrsKett Posts: 129
    You sound sorted, all the starred items vary from person to person and palce to place - so if you think thats what you're going to spend then brill! whens the wedding?x
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    not until 4th August next year! I just like to be organised, which from what I read on here is the best way to be!
  • i only get your total as £7109 (sorry its the accountant within me!)

    my tip would be get your rings from ebay - mine were beautiful and a lot less than the high street equivalent.
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    Are you not having a sit down meal ? x
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    ajonestobe-you're right (I think!) Woohoo! Will look at ebay, got plenty bookmarked on there for the decorations already!

    xxHayleyxx-No we are having afternoon tea:

    Sandwiches and scones. To which we have added-soup, bruchetta and goats cheese tarts.

    It will be sat down in arranged tables just like a meal though! Just fancied something a bit different and less formal. They serve it all on pretty stands too which will go very well with the vintage china we have collected. And at the risk of sounding cheap-it shaves off about £15 per head, which soon adds up! That will be served about 2.30pm (getting married at 1pm) then having the porky sarnies about 8.30pm. Plus the canapes after the hopefully people won't go hungry!
  • laura2988laura2988 Posts: 332
    Sounds brill! I'm glad we're not the only one's looking to get cheaper rings.

    Where are you getting your dress from for only £200??! I did see some online but didn't want to risk it!

    Also really miffed that your registrar was only £380! image We originally thought ours was £300 but because we're getting married in another borough its £480 - and that's on a weekday!
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    Laura-I bought a Vivienne Westwood dress in the sale. Was never going to go for the traditional full on gown, but all the same got very very lucky! All I need to do now is get down from a 16 to a 14 to fit in it! I have been told about various ex display shops, where you can get traditional gowns pretty cheap.

    £480 image that is alot! I was pretty miffed at ours as we are getting married in a hotel 30seconds walk from the registrars office. Sounds silly but I thought price might have been based on distance!
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    ps-my dress is still white and very girly...I'm not that 'untraditional'
  • laura2988laura2988 Posts: 332
    image in the style of Amy Childs from TOWIE (yes I am that sad) Oh my god, I'm well Jel!

    I thought mine was good at £610!
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Bear in mind that the DIY things that you have written down will still probably cost you. I am looking at about £150 for all of my stationery (although could be done for a lot less). Its surprising how the diy bits and bobs all add up image
  • laura2988laura2988 Posts: 332
    Bear in mind that the DIY things that you have written down will still probably cost you. I am looking at about £150 for all of my stationery (although could be done for a lot less). Its surprising how the diy bits and bobs all add up

    too right! I was in a certain department store recently (rhymes with debenebenebenems)and was shocked at how much the invites cost, but then I worked out how much the little piddly DIY things cost and it works out not that much cheaper all together!

    Finger painted invites it is then!
  • jobean1985jobean1985 Posts: 161
    mmmmmm yes, I didn't think of that! Thanks girls.

    Laura-£610 is still a massive bargain!
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