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HELP ladies

Hi gorgeous ladies..

I need your help to build my portfolio..

I know many of you want to see my work before doing a shoot..but thats where the prob is .. i dont have a website yet ineed to build portfolio first

The reason i am not charging is so i can get pictures to put up on website..

so please if you can help me it would be awesome !

im a female from manchester..

i can do beauty shoot..inlove/ sessions..

so please do come forward and send me a message..

Thankyou very much


  • beesbees Posts: 835
    I would love to have some nice photos of myself done as I dont think there is a single one of me that I actually like.

    I dont really know if I'd be any use to you though as it depends what you are looking for also I'm in Leeds so maybe too far away.
  • Sueboo84Sueboo84 Posts: 87
    Have you tried setting up a facebook page/group? Add your friends who add their friends, who add theirs. Try taking photos of your local nature, items of clothing (ie shoes, dresses - dont forget on weddings this things get photographed too) am sure most people would rather see some work like that then none at all.....good luck with it x image
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