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This may sound like a silly question, but is it only venues where the costs change depending on the date/month of the wedding, or is it all services, cars, photographer etc?


  • A lot (not all) services charge more in high demand periods such as Saturdays in August, special dates such as 12/12/12.
  • We got married on a Friday in August and the only place we really got discount was our venue (about £1500). We did however have the pick of everyone, as no one was booked for our date and we planned it in less than a year.

    You get more discount booking close to the date, like within 3 months, but I thought for the stress involved, Id rather pay more!
  • We booked at relatively short notice (6 months before wedding) for a Thursday in December. We saved a massive amount on venue hire, the registrar was cheaper then a Saturday and our DJ knocked £50 off price. Pretty much everything else we are doing ourselves, so not sure about cars etc.
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    We're getting married on a Monday in July and have found that any suppliers we've looked at our free on this day and we've got a few things cheaper. Our venue is cheaper at £1500 for 100 guests, a four course meal and use of a seperate ceremony room. (Also for every 10 rooms that are booked we get £100 back and if we get 50 rooms booked then we get the £1500 back) That offer runs Mon-Thurs. The photographer knocked the price down by £250 and included some extras casue it's a Monday. People are more willing to make my cake for a lower price as it's simple, I'm having the bottom tier as a dummy tier for effect, it's a Monday and I told them I had no more than £250 to spend. We also got 10% off the suits for paying in full and my dress was a sample bought in a closing down sale for £100, marked down from £1400.

    I have found I have got more assertive as time has gone on and started to ask people for discounts and deals etc. If you don't ask you won't get! We didn't get a discount on the Dj as that was one of the first things we booked and I was too shy to ask. I'm looking at venue stylists at theminute and have found a lot are offering discount if you hire more than one thing from them, i.e. chaircovers and backdrop.

    You're less likely to get discounts if your getting married at the weekend, especially in the summer or special dates.
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    I think it depends on the supplier. My photographer charges flat rates for the photography package, regardless of the day. I don't think it hurts to ask if there is room for a discount though and some suppliers do it as standard. When I was researching chocolate fountains to book, I found some companies charged less for weekdays.

    Registrar costs change depending on the day. Monday-Friday are cheaper costs, Saturday are mid price and Sunday are the most expensive. This was what I found for my region.

    Florists prices change if you are getting married at peak times like Valentines as the cost of flowers increases due to the high demand.
  • hi its all vendors but make sure you ask cos they won't discount unless you are bold. i've saved over 100 quid on a photographer cos of midweek wedding and then haggled them down again. don't be afraid to ask, just remember they want your business, you mean money to them and they won't want to lose business.

    Good Luck in your quest to save money, and remember don't be afraid to ask image
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