Tesco vouchers

Not sure if many brides know this, but its a real good way to save money on your wedding!

With your tesco clubcard points you can get different values with retailers. One of the best ones is you can get 3 times the clubcard voucher value for Goldsmiths (I do work for them as you can see in other threads, but this is a genuine tip that I see day to day from my customers and wanted to share) so if you shop at tescos get all your family to save their clubcard vouchers and then you can use them for your wedding rings or bridesmaids presents etc. Eg would be if you get £10 worth of tesco vouchers it can be exchanged for £30 worth of Goldsmiths vouchers. They all add up!

Hope this helps xx


  • That's a really good tip! how do you exchange them?
  • pink-llamapink-llama Posts: 435
    Good idea, but not so good - I remember the days when they were 4 times the value.... sigh.... lol.

    Goldsmiths was too expensive still even with the clubcard deals, but they've been good for things like hotel stays and meals. (Sorry, i know you work there at Goldsmiths, but as a shop it's just out of my budget altogether!)

    Smartie-Babie: To redeem the clubcard vouchers, you go onto the website - www.tesco.com/clubcard

    You should have an acount on there, and you just select what you want and type in the voucher number. They then post your chosen retail vouchers to you image

    Even though we don't use them for jewellery, I'd still definitely recommend them for whatever takes your fancy! image
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    We tried to use them for Marriott hotels but it was a complete rip off as you could only use it on the bog standard bed and breakfast rate which might be £150 a night. But their advance purchase rate would be £80. So even if you used £20 of vouchers, got £60 of Marriott vouchers, you'd still have to pay £90!! Stupid system!
  • Seriously your complaining about only get 3 times the amount, its like getting free money you cant please some people!!!

    I think its a amazing deal, we are getting OH's ring from there we have £70 so far as saved up all year so thats £210 towards a ring all for shopping at tesco its amazing!


    eta, the hotel ones arn't as good IMO , some hotels you have to spend two nights and a lot are excluded including the hotel we are staying at on the night of the wedding grr!
  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    My Goldsmiths voucher has arrived this morning. We exchanged £60 so have £180 voucher. I can't wait to buy my wedding ring at the weekend image
  • pink-llamapink-llama Posts: 435
    wasn't complaining as such, just a slightly unhappy observation, as we've been using them for years and always got 4x the value. H2B uses them for breakdown cover, and we each get a magazine subscription. i don't know about hotels, but H2B's parents do them once or twice a year.

    Personally I prefer to use them for food now - I love Bella Italia, as it's one of the few places that does a full gluten free menu. (But without the vouchers I wouldn't be able to go at all)
  • We did this for all of our xmas pressies last year. Sisters and both Mum's got incredible jewelry! We spent £25 worth on each person but they each got £100 worth of jewelry. I did tell them not to expect the same again this year though lol! image
  • I have previously used Tesco vouchers for hotel stays and they have been great. We've always had to add something to it but have ended up staying in hotels that we could never afford otherwise.

    Had already planned on using the vouchers in Goldsmiths and very excited about it.

    A little annoying that they are only worth 3 times as much instead of 4, but still free money!
  • MrsKettMrsKett Posts: 129
    I got our wedding rings from GoldSmiths and we had £1000 Tesco vouchers to spend, felt like free money lol x
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    I'll have to look into it for jewellery as it never even crossed my mind! We usually just save them up and when we're skint we raid the cupboards for them and do an emergency shop (damn wedding savings ha!!) I had thought about saving them up and buying some little bottles of wine for people as instead of favours on the table thought about putting gift bags in hotel room. Same with nectar points as well.

    I don't know if anyone on here is a teacher and in the NUT as they have a system called countdown where you can buy vouchers at discounted rates, not sure how easy it is to use etc though?
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    And can I just say that Staples do a really good reward system as well, I know it sounds random!! But I've bought my last 2 computers from there and ink etc (as said above I'm a teacher so go through loads!) and if you get a reward card (you may have to call yourself a business though, ssssh!!) they send you free vouchers all the time. Good for craft bits for any DIY brides, and actually now just wondering if I can buy stamps with them hmmm!
  • I'm saving my clubcards points up, and getting Virgin Holiday vouchers with them.

    Every £10 Tescos = £30 Virgin Holiday, so it's going to wards our honeymoon.
  • Pink llama I am a ceoliac and love Bella Italia! If you go on student beans you can get a 50% off voucher for Monday - Wednesday but you dont need to show a student card!
  • MrsKettMrsKett Posts: 129
    I used to be a member of NUT, but have recently switched to NASWT! - I often saw the voucher thingy, but never did it, I didn't think it sounded worth it! What age/subject do you teach Lindsayu? xx
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Secondary maths, can't believe summer hols are nearly over! I have absolutely refused to do any school work this summer, just wedding stuff and moving house and that has been manic enough!

    Debenhams at one point had a beauty loyalty card but not sure if they still do it x
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    wasn't complaining as such, just a slightly unhappy observation, as we've been using them for years and always got 4x the value.

    The reason why they changed from 4x the value to 3x the value is that they introduced double points on all shopping. Whereas before you had 1 point per £1 you now get 2 points, meaning you get to save up a lot quicker than before. You now have more opportunity to use your clubcard than before meaning you get more out of it, including doubling up in store during the Big Exchange promotion. I used to work on the clubcard team so know a bit about clubcard - it's quite sad really!
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