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floral dressed candelabras.. how much??

hi i have hired 5 arm candelabras to have as my table arrangements, i would like them dressed with fresh flowers such as roses hydrangeas etc i would like quite a full ball of flowers in middle any ideas on how much i should be expecting to pay thanks xx


  • This sounds like exactly what I want! I saw a picture in a magazine and cut it out to take to florists this weekend. I am expecting each candleable to be over £100, proba more like £150, but i will need to hire the candelabres too. Having said that, everything has turned out more expensive than i though so far! image

    As of this weekend I will hopefully have a better idea and I'll try to find this thread again to update...but that is sometimes easier said than done!! Good luck! x
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    There are florists who offer the hire of candelabras and then they will discuss you requirements for the flowers. One florist I have a leaflet for hires candelabras for £20 each then the flowers are obviously dependent on what type of flowers you want and how many. I'd say from £100 is probably a good figure to have in mind, but like Champagne_please has said, £150 could be a likely figure.
  • We are hiring these candelabra's from our florist decorated very similar to this, and are supplying our own candles. It's costing £35 each.

  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    That's a really good price MrsWard2b. They will look lovely. x
  • This one below cost £150

    took 2 people to lift on the table at a struggle. these were the very big candlebras
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