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heads up: the NEXT sale is this weekend!!

heard a couple of days ago.... starts saturday xx


  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Nooooooooooo! Pay day is Wednesday.
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    I've just been paid and no pennies left image
  • I love my sleep way to much to ever get any bargains at the next sale! It's all tat left by 11am!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    I always wait a few weeks, people panic buy then return loads of stuff, so there is a lot of stuff online again, was given this tip by a member of staff, I rarely work weekends, but typically this is another bloody weekend that I am working grrrrr, there's still loads of stuff in the offers section anyway at the moment

    thats where i shop image i go into the offers area and get loads of goodies first thing in a morning image
  • Thank you very much! MIL and I were in Next today wondering when the next sale would be! They've got some gorgeous LOVE sign type things and candley/birdcagey shabby chic-y weddingy things!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    go on hotukdeals - they sometimes have free next delivery codes in the voucher section x
  • JeB87JeB87 Posts: 46
    I have worked in next, sales are horrific, worked at the Trafford Centre and the motorway LED signs were taken over by parking space numbers and Next offers. completely mental!

    Do it online! image far less stressful

    When I first started planning I spent months just getting excited looking at magazines and stuff, but eventually went to a wedding exhibition and it was the best thing I did! Really helpful to not only see lovely dresses but also ideas and themes, and helps to see things actually put into place and "coming together," not just doting over pretty dresses and receptions hehe!

    I got this in an email this morning from groupon deals but I suppose you'd have to buy it today (&live in or near/be happy to get wed in Manchester) ... Hopefully helps someone tho! :S
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