cake! how expensive!!!

what are people paying for their cakes. being quoted around£350 for a three tier cake with icing flowers on it. Seems a bit steep. It is just a cake!

Any tips on getting it cheaper?


  • Erm thats a snip for a cake in my opinion. Its not just a cake to some people its also dessert for wedding breakfast or eve buffet. I have ordered a 900 cake and there was even more expensive ones there. Im using it as a dessert for wedding breakfast and having what I save there as extra buffet food in the evening. It also depends where your buying it from too as the better suppliers obviously charge more. If its cheap and cheerful your wanting try marks& they have some ok ones there.
  • I agree, I couldn't believe how much wedding cakes were. If you were having a similar sized birthday cake, it would never cost as much.

    We are having a family friend make ours as really couldn't justify that much money for a cake!

    Different aspects of the wedding are more important to different people. For us, our wedding transport was more important than our cake (and cost us £320), so there was no way we were going to spend more on a cake than a car!

    But I guess if you are serving the cake as dessert then it may hold more importance.
  • I have a friend who is gonna make mine, so im hoping no more than £150!! I want it to look lovely, but then it just gets chopped up and either eaten or left doesnt it? i think there are more importanyt things xxx
  • Ours is £350 for a three tier cake, and that was one of the cheaper ones I found, apart from M&S etc. Wish I had clever friends or relations who could make one for me! - I can make a pretty good fruit cake but the icing part lets me down (anyone for blobby tippex wedding cake?!)
  • I agree - mscoops, yes there are more expensive cakes, but £350 is still a huge expense for most people! image

    OP - I made my own. image I made 60 cupcakes the day before the wedding with the help of my sisters and my mum, and then iced and decorated them (my nieces helped with that part, haha). Here's what they looked like in the end (I bought the cupcake wrappers from eBay, and made the little 'eat me' flags myself):

    All and all it cost around £50, and most of that expense came from the cupcake wrappers (they were about £30 for 60, which was the cheapest I could find for laser-cut wrappers). Hope that helps a bit. image
  • Ours is £300 and I think thats quite cheap expected it to be alot dearer x
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    I'm making my own. A cake for about 100 with 4 layers (different flavours) 12", 10", 8" and 6" diameter will be about £30, not including a cake stand, but including all the decorations, which I will also be making (and some of which I have made already!).

    You could always have a friend or family member make it for you too. I've read a few reports where people did that!
  • I emailed a lot of places with a picture of the kind of cake I wanted and told them that I had a max of £250 to spend on it. Ideally I wanted a four tier cake, one tier being a dummy tier and the rest different flavours of sponge, with wide ribbon in my colours round each tier. A few got back to me saying they'd do it and one got back saying they'd do a 4 tier cake and then later said they'd do it for £220. I had a taste of the cakes amd they are lovely and I personally don't see the point in spending much more as all of the weddings I've been too, most of the cake is left untouched. I also said I'd sort the cake topper myself. In that price they are also going to set it up at the venue.
  • I don't understand why cakes are that expensive! I've just started a cake business and although I've found that decorating cakes is very time consuming I can't see how they warrant charging that much!!! My cousin made cupcakes for my wedding(pics on report) and I used them as the table centre decorations on pretty cake stands. This meant that instead of the cake being forgotten about in the corner of the room, everyone ate them, especially during the evening reception! Worth thinking about as would def be lot cheaper!! Other than that if you're near wolverhampton I would happily make cakes for you!!!!

    By the way, my cousin made the cakes as a wedding present because I didn't want to spend the day before my wedding stressing about cake!!!! X
  • My mother makes wedding cake so I'm lucky that mine will be a present! But I think the price you said is about average. Obviously if you want it detailed with sugar flowers or chocolate curls for example this all adds to the price as it's quite time consuming. But something more simple should work out cheaper. If you want it cheaper have you considered buying plain iced cakes and then stacking and adding ribbon etc yourself? You can get plain cakes from tesco and marks and spencer quite cheaply.
  • Our cake is £500, our theme is alice in wonderland and the cake is in the style of the choccywoccydoodah cakes. A continuous flow of flowers, the top layer is a top hat, there'll be a teapot sticking out, bottles saying "drink me" etc.

    like this,r:1,s:7&tx=21&ty=40
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    Cakes are crazy prices!! I think £350 is roughly what most cake makers would ask you yo pay. We got quoted close to £1k for 72 cupcakes and a top tier image I found another lady that's doing the lot for £287. It's worth shopping around.
  • We paid £210 for our wedding cake, bottom tier was fruit cake and the top two were sponge. And it was gorgeous! I shopped around before buying, we were quoted ludicrous prices, one shop in my hometown were charging FROM £600!!!

    And even though the cake we chose was a quarter of the price of a similar one at the "fancy" cake shop, we didn't lose out on the taste.
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    Our cake is £450 for 6 tiers, it is worth asking around I wanted a really big cake and I was quoted a lot more than this from a few bakers. I think it also depends on the type of cake fruit is the most expensive. The lady doing our cake also just decorates cakes. This could also keep the cost down.
  • I couldn't believe the cost of them either.

    We are going to buy cupcakes from m and s (1 tier of their big cupcakes, 1 tier of mini ones) in chocolate and strawberry favours, then buy a small chocolate cake from waitrose for top tier to,cut. I plan to put the cupcakes into fancy wrappers brought from ebay in gold)

    Think its going to cost around £50 so a major saving.
  • Wedding cakes take a long time to make!!

    I made a simple 3 tier cake for a friend.. and from start to finish it took about 10hours to make to get it perfect!!

    Remember the cost isn't just for the cake, it's the time and staff your also paying for!!

    Cake is a big deal to me.. so if I wasn't making my own I'd have ended up spending alot! lol
  • Ours is £270 for a four tier cake that has quite a bit of detail on it, that price also includes delivery and hire of a cake stand (as don't like the venues one image )

    The cake is made up of one tier sponge, one tier chocolate orange and two tiers cinnamon and carrot.

    Defo try shopping around and haggling a bit x
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    Ours is £560!! We are having a snowflake wintery type Theme so the cake that we want, we have designed ourselves.

    It's 3 tier with fruit, sponge and choc layers.
  • I think the prices are crazy considering, as someone else said, an equivalent cake for any other occasion will be at least half the price. I'm thinking of lying and saying it's for my 30th birthday party and then just sticking toppers on the day before!!
  • I think they are very expensive..... you put wedding in front of it and they add an extra £100 at least!!!!

    We are getting 100 cupcakes and a top tier for us to cut - for £200. Including the cake stand!
  • I shopped around and have found a place that is doing my cake for £220 including delivery they can charge less because its a home run company so they don't have shop costs!! However I've seen their work and it is amazing!! Apparently the woman that makes them trained with one of the top cake shops in my area that charge £500 plus!!

    Shopping around is really worth it get lots of quotes and you should find the cheapest option near you!!!

    Add the word wedding to anything and it automatically increases the cost!! lol!!
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    we shopped around, it took me 4 quotes and 2 different tastings to get what i wanted, a 4 tier cake, the top one is a dummy, all 3 sponge, with home made jam, we have edible diamantes on it and a cake broach and it has cost £180.
  • As mentioned previously its about the work that goes into the cake that gives the price tag. I paid as also mentioned 900 for my cake but its got so much detail in and is all hand made chocolate from slatterys in manchester. My cake has hand printed individual designs on all 75 cakes (not cupcake) and a big top cake too. There individual desserts and will later be served with a raspberry coulis and glazed summer berrys as dessert at the wedding breakfast. Cake is important to me too like others and everyone gets a pic of the bride and groom cutting the cake together so for that reason it was about cake not money for me.
  • mscoops!!

    We are so on the same page!! image

    As much as I do really love the simple pretty cakes.. they are lovely.

    For our wedding, it's got to be the bigger the better and over the top.. if I had a small/simple cake our guests would think they were at the wrong wedding image
  • Clare_jeffery I do we believe we are!!

    If my guests turned up and saw anything that was expected from another wedding they would think they was at the wrong place image.

    I have done everything BIG apart from my simple but stylish dress, that im wearing with BIG tiara, BIG bracelet and Jimmy choos image.

    Although I love nice things that usually cost a fortune I am very good at sourcing things to save a little too. We all love a bargain and I have had a few.
  • I am making my own cakes (fruit, vanilla sponge, white chocolate and raspberry, lemmon, chocolate and jamacan ginger - dont ask, lots of guests with a love of my cakes and everyone has a favourite) and Im getting someone to just cover them in plain white icing and Im decorating with silver balls, sparkly things ribbons and a big bow on each.

    Alternatively, M&S, Tesco, sainsbury and waitrose do fabulous cakes either to order or off the shelfalso you dont have to get them all from the same shop, mix and match.

    A final idea that I saw was that guests were asked to bring a cake to out on the table. There are bound to be people who would love to bring something.

    Hope that helps.

    Claire xx
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    My mom made ours and it was all chocolate, if we had it made would have cost a fortune, as it was I think cost in excess of £400. Three layers, bottom and top fruit cake and middle layer lemon and poppy seed image
  • Hi guys, don't shoot me, but I do get quite upset when people go on about how much cakes cost. I do make them as a part time business and the average wedding cake costs about £100-£150 to make but I spend approx from 60-180 hours making it! is my time, experience and skill worth nothing?

    So for example you get a quote for a 3 tier cake with flowers for £250 that means you're paying the maker approx £1 per hour for their time!

  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    Warberry they look so cute!

    I went to a wedding yesterday and the bride had bought plain cupcakes from m&s and iced then with her min and bm, tasted amazing!!

    Cakes with a lot of detailed icing take a really long time to make.

  • I know it's a skill for making cakes but the same cake for a birthday is a lot less. I ended up buying tesco 3 tiers for £28.50 & spending £10 on sugar paste flowers (pic on my report). Where are you based? There is a woman in south Wales who makes 3 tier cakes from £100 we nearly went with her but never got round to ordering.
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