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how much did you pay for your veil?

i paid £95 for full length cathedral veil. my dress is strapless too, then i bought an absolute bargain £8 from ebay, that is just about shoulder length so i can wear that on the night xxx


  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    Mine was £75 from the shop I bought my dress. I got 10% of the cost of the dress to spend on acessories so I got the veil and some shoes.
  • minky_moominky_moo Posts: 133
    The one I tried on in the dress shop was over £180 for a chapel length with no embellishments, which I thought was a bit excessive! I've ordered mine online for £67 inc P&P and I'm just waiting for it to arrive, so I can only comment on the quality once I've received it!
  • Paid about £45 for mine online. It had pearls and crystals all over it plus the comb had them on too... not sure if you can see but an idea for you

  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    Mine was £175 for an elbow length 2 tier veil image

    But I only paid £25 for it as I managed to bargain it in with my dress price. Accessories is an area you can haggle hard in!

    It's really worth getting it from your shop so can try it on etc, but they are very expesnive so at least try some with your dress, then buy a similar one online if that's the way you want to do it. Be warned though, the very cheap ones on ebay etc tend to quite yellowy, def not the look you want! Go by recommendations from a good website.

  • I got mine from Ebay. Also considered getting one made, as it was cheaper to have a lace veil made than buy from bridal shop. The veil rocked.

    I spent longer thinking and researching veil, than I did the dress. There are some fabulous veils on etsy.
  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336
    I just bought mine on Etsy for £42 inc p&p but it's a short poufy one just for the evening...

    I think that if you're going to keep it on all day then it's worth splashing out but if it's going to be discarded after the pictures then it's a bit of a waste spending 100's on it.

    Check out as they have gorgeous handmade veils : )

  • I orginally bought mine from the dress shop for £99.00 but after a few weeeks of humming and harring i decided that was a wee bit excessive as i wouldnt be wearing it al day so i rang them up told them i didnt want it anymore (which they give me a few reasons why i should buy it but basicly they just wanted the money for it) so i did some browsing on ebay and found 1 for £10.53 read the review about this item and they were all really good so i bought it for 1/10th of the price of the bridal shop

  • The one's I've tried on in shops are between £150-£250.. which seems a silly amount of money really for netting lo

    But the one's I have seen are all brilliant quality..
  • I also liked one costing 190 in the bridal shop! I was told about ebay and thought the "you get what you pay for" saying. I ordered the same on ebay for 2.99 then 3.50 postage and thought if its no good at least I tried and would bin it - Its gorgeous and no dif than the rip off bridal store and has crystals all over it image .

    Love anything that glitters image
  • My veil is a two tier light gold veil, the longest length is bottom height (half way up my bottom) and the other is about albow height (I'm 5"7) and comes with a simple but nice comb.

    I bought it from the bridal shop opposite the road from me and it cost me £60.
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    Mine was £200 but it was silk. I had a bit of a 'thing' about wanting a silk one - didn't want a polyester veil with a silk dress, just felt a bit wrong.

    I could have got the same one in polyester for £60. It seems ridiculous now as I only wore it for about 3 hours and then it got abandoned (a friend shoved it in a carrier bag for me to prevent it getting thrown away!) I've never looked at it since, so it was a bit of a waste I suppose but we all have our funny little 'things'! And I didn't have any other hair accessory nor any expensive jewellery - just Accessorize earrings for £6 and a bracelet off ebay for a tenner so a bit of a veil splurge was justified I reckon.
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Do you think I need a veil if I'm wearing a faux fur shrug? I'm getting married in December!
  • Mine was £250 from the bridal shop - and that was discounted cause i have got my dress from there! Although - it is a full length two layer veil, and has lace all around the edge. I think costs can really vary so depends what you want!
  • gem112gem112 Posts: 207
    Mine was £250 as well. I got it from the shop I got my dress from and I can hardly remember what it looks like now!

    I know it was floor length lol. Going to collect it on Thursday so I hope I still like it image
  • I'm going a little overboard and having a cathedral-length gold veil with very heavy garnet beading and embroidery which will be £550. Kind of crazy but there are over 10,000 individual beads hand-stitched onto it.
  • I paid £14.99 off ebay for one that was custom made for me. It was single tier and came with a comb- even though I took the comb off in the end. I sewed some extra crystals into it to make it super sparkly and was so pleased I wore one.

  • I got mine at the same time as my dress and managed to get it for £35.

    It wasnt a full length veil, but it had a slight scalloped edge and it had some sequins scattered near the bottom.

  • MrsRS2BMrsRS2B Posts: 240
    I got mine from ebay for £20 from a seller called deity doll it was about £25 for a catherdral length 2 tier one with edging. I always recommend her for veils - even the owner of the bridal shop thought that it was one of thier £200 ones!!!!

    ps, this is the website:
  • veil arrived today, absolutley gorgeous, just like the 1 in the bridal shop, £10.00 ansolute bargin !!

  • danni988danni988 Posts: 108
    Mine was £120 from bridal shop couldn't find another like it anywhere! It's 2 tier elbow length with swarovski drops coming off the edging. Looks stunning with the dress! X
  • minky_moominky_moo Posts: 133
    Just as an update, my custom-made veil arrived from Wedding Veils Direct yesterday and it is lovely! I can't tell the difference between it and the one I tried on in the shop - my bank balance can though!!! image
  • Mine is £55 from the shop my dress is from. 2 tier, waist length with a few scattered diamantes and a satin trim edge! X

    I posted before reading that last post...mine is pale gold too, sounds exactly the same image x good choice x
  • I always thought I would just go for a cheaper one online I honestly can't tell the difference! But as it happens there is a family veil on my H2Bs side, and no women in the current generation to use it! It was offered to me and I decided to accept as it makes a couple of people very happy. I figured if it was awful I didn't have to wear it for long! As it turns out it is beautiful, and over 100 years old! Now it feels really nice to get to wear a family heirloom of the family I will be joining, and also it makes others happy. Win - win!

    If I hadn't got the freebie, I'd spend no more than £30, so probably shop online?
  • mandi133mandi133 Posts: 424
    I tried a beutiful 2 tier catherdral length veil on in the shop im getting my dress from but it was £180!! So i looked on ebay and won a £200 veil for £35 inc p&p!! Its beautiful, has beading all around the edge I love it! I didnt want to spend hundreds on netting! Im saving my money to splurge on a sparkly tiara image
  • I bought mine off the seller pinkmargaret on ebay. She will do what ever you want. I only wanted a 54" scalloped on tier with crystals on the edges but couldnt find it anywhere. She made it for me £20.50 p&p included & arrived within the week.
  • mine was £195 i never imagined it would be that much but it is the most beautiful thing ever! it does have lace on it which i think makes more expensive and is lovely quality x
  • My wedding shop had a special offer whe u bought your dres certain veils were free, I tried a gorgeous mid length one that has swarovski crystals scattered on it, fell in love with it so she kindly gave me this one free image
  • am paying £500 for mine at the bridal shop were i got my dress from. mine is only so expensive as i changed and added a few things on this price is also a discounted price. i ended up getting a 3tier catherdal length veil with lace and crystals around the edges i cant wait to see it all done as the one in the shop only had 2 tiers so its even more exciting for me
  • Quoted:
    Paid about £45 for mine online. It had pearls and crystals all over it plus the comb had them on too... not sure if you can see but an idea for you

    Where did u buy yours from? I love it but would like mine without embellishments to compliment my dress xx
  • I've just bought one of ebay including postage for £15..lets see if it lives up to its pricetag!! x
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