How much is average for catering?

I'm getting caterers in to a place I'm hiring out, and it seems to be very expensive - £37.50 a head for three courses plus coffee. Although it does look yummy yummy image

I presume this is towards the high end considering it's about decent restaurant price, but not sure. What has everybody else paid?


  • I'd say that is really really good value.

    We are paying £90 for 3 course meal, evening buffet and drinks for meal reception and toast. However, we'd be looking at about £60 pp for a meal if we went a la carte, rather than the package!
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    I think our food was about £18 a head for the sit-down and £7 for the evening buffet, including service and crockery/cutlery but not including any drinks. To be fair, our food was really 'pub grub' style and not typical wedding food, but there was a choice at the table offered (big important issue for us - wanted to offer a choice but didn't want to faff with menu cards in invites) and the food was hot, delicious and abundant.

    We paid separately for wine, water, glasses etc as the venue had their own bar that you had to use.

    Quite a lot of the other caterers we looked at were a lot more expensive - some as much as £100 a head! image I think sometimes the cost can be affected by the venue too - if the caterers need to bring equipment it will cost a lot more. our venue fortunately had full kitchen facilities, so we were literally just paying for the food itself and the staff, no equipment hire costs.
  • We're paying £38 per head during the day and £10 per head in the evening, but we're getting good food that's locally sourced and seasonal. No mass produced processed food!
  • I think that sounds reasonable what you have been quoted as we are paying around £30 to £40 pp for canapes, main course, dessert and coffee & mints. About £20pp for arrival drink (Pimms), 2 glasses of wine & champagne toast and £12pp for the evening buffet catering for minimum of 80% of final number of guests.

    We are having our reception in a Derbyshire Hotel as marquee & caterers was just too expensive image as I would have liked to have had a marquee at my parents
  • Ours is £42 pp for 3 course food, followed by coffee and truffles. Again this is all local produce etc, but doesn't include any drinks at all.

    Our evening food is £8.00 pp (but only need to cater for 75%) for Bacon or sausage rolls and chip cones, so I would say yours sounds pretty average.
  • Hi

    We had £150 people in a marquee, three courses and coffees. Not including drinks we paid around £12k but that did include tableware and the kitchen set up.

    Hope this helps.

    OUr food was out of this world- Rupert Frazer Worden.
  • We're having £40 per head for a canape, starter, main and dessert and it's all locally produced and is 5 star cuisine, so I don't think around £30 is that bad.
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