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Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Hey ladies!

Not sure if anyone has posted this before but between now and 31st December £10 worth of clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for £40 Goldsmith vouchers!!! Will help towards wedding rings for me!!!image


  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Oooh - that's good to know! Thanks for sharing x
  • Quoted:
    Hey ladies! Not sure if anyone has posted this before but between now and 31st December £10 worth of clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for £40 Goldsmith vouchers!!! Will help towards wedding rings for me!!!

    I'm saving right now! Tesco vouchers are valid for about 2 years, do we know how long the Goldsmiths vouchers are valid for if I exchange now? (now getting married til summer 2013)
  • lou103lou103 Posts: 61
    Im not sure. Im trying to find that out now it does say in the clubcard brochure ive just received that for the goldsmiths offer your vouchers have to be exchanged before 31st dec but doesnt say how long the goldsmith voucher will then be valid for...darn! image
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    Once you've exchanged they are valid for 6 months. I would hold off until you need them, Goldsmiths have been a part of the exchange for years so don't think it will end soon.
  • lou103lou103 Posts: 61
    Ive only just noticed it this time, wish id seen it before! I will wait a little longer than as dont need them unti may next yr, so should squeeze another lot of clubcard vouchers in!
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Gemskat - this offer ends 31st Dec 2011, when it will revert back to the triple points as opposed to the quadruple points offer. It is still good, but if you are definitely going to use them, may as well do it before the end of the year.

    I am very lucky to have noticed this post. We went shopping yesterday and h2b found his ring in Goldsmiths and doesn't want to even look anywhere else. We might be able to get his completely free (which is good as I have also found mine and it is well over budget image )
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Not on the subject of tesco clubcard vouchers but on the subject of rings, we're not getting married until August 2012 but we actually bought, paid for, have picked up our rings already. I know it sounds a bit daft but the price of gold is going up massively at the moment, and no point saving money with vouchers but spending 10% extra by the time you buy it so I would definitely prioritise it x
  • Just read this on the tesco clubcard website

    "Between 31 October and 31 December 2011 exchange your Clubcard vouchers for 4x their value in Goldsmiths tokens!

    But hurry, tokens ordered from 1 January 2012 will revert back to 3x value."

    " Tokens are valid for 6 months."

    There is a ring I like in goldsmiths I like also like.. so was thinking of using our vouchers towards, or to put towards our honeymoon with virgin holidays!
  • I work for Goldsmiths so can confirm it is 4 times in November and December only, will go down to 3 times afterwards. We usually advise rings 4-6 months before hand, before if you fall in love with a ring why not get it when you can? No point waiting if its the one! Also remember we don't just sell rings, you can use vouchers on things like Swarovski jewellery for the BMs. Its a really good scheme!
  • We are getting married in September but we have bought our rings from goldsmiths already, using the Tesco vouchers. It took me ages to find a ring that would fit my engagement ring so we bought it before it get discontinued (not that they said it will but would be just my luck). H2b bought picked a ring from goldsmiths to. It saved us £140.
  • I've been saving my vouchers for about a year and we are going to convert them to use in Goldsmiths for nice watch for fiance, and necklace/earings for me!x
  • MrsA-2-bMrsA-2-b Posts: 154
    weve just exchanged our vouchers (4x value) and I have got my ring completely free! I know which one I wanted and H2B didnt see the point in waiting and missing out on 4 x value. Now we are waiting for Feb vouchers to exchange(and add to the £70 goldsmith vouchers left over frm my ring)then for his ring image x
  • Just converted, awaiting £1020 worth of Goldsmith's tokens now!!
  • Cora, I'm experiencing the same problem! I swear I've accumulated more points than I actually have image

    Definitely going for this and have sent out a facebook message to all my family and friends asking them to exchange points for cash (or for free if they're feeling generous image)

    This is such a good scheme, it's definitely worth making the most of it!

  • Sorry, just while we're on the subject of rings...

    Is it ok to mix metals with your engagement/wedding ring.

    My engagement ring is platinum but I was thinking of getting the wedding ring in white gold as the ring I love is DOUBLE the price for platinum image

    Should I go for the cheaper option or will I end up regretting it...... image

  • DuddersDudders Posts: 1,659 New bride
    As long as you have collected a minimum amount (having checked Tesco website it's 150) then you will get a coupon with your statement. So for Cora, somewhere attached to your statement is a voucher for £2.50 and you have then collected 120 in this period.
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Cora and Katyann, don't panic, they haven't disappeared. If you register your clubcard online (very quick and easy), you can see an overview of your points.

    On the 'my account' part of the clubcard website there are two main things to look at

    1) My Points - this tells you how many points you have earned since your last statement

    2) My vouchers - this is your total points over the last 2 years that you can convert into vouchers, but doesn't include your next statement (ie points get turned into vouchers every 3 months). This is what you need. When converting your vouchers to goldsmiths, you will need all of the codes found in the 'My couchers' section.

    Please be aware that clubcard points expire after 2 years. However, if you want to carry them forward, you can ring them and they will extend the validity for another 2 years.

    I think I should get a job working for tesco image
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Also Katyann, I would definitely get platinum. My e ring is white gold and after a year looks yellow compared to new white gold wedding rings because the rhodium wears off. White gold needs redipping every year or so (can go longer if you don't mind the yellowness). In the end it will probably cost more than getting a platinum ring (wish my oh thought of this!).

    This doesn't happen in platinum so after a year or so your rings wouldn't 'match' in colour.

    Also, I have been told that metals wear at different rates so they should be exactly the same (ie don't mix 9ct with 18ct). Not sure how important this is though.
  • I would definately get Platinum Katyann as Platinum is a much harder metal than White Gold, so over time your engagement ring would damage your white gold one! The only other metal I'd recommend is Palladium, as its the same hardness as Platinum, but you don't get many ladies rings made in Palladium. Hope this helps xx
  • Thank you. I know I should get the platinum one, I just can't get over how expensive it is!

    I was thinking of buying cheaper rings for the ceremony and then upgrading but I don't think I'll want to in all honesty because of what the rings will symbolise.

    Best get collecting these clubcard points! image

  • Katyann - I think Goldsmiths is an expensive jewellers anyway (even with Clubcard points!) Have you looked online/at other jewellers for a similar ring? Might actually work out cheaper! For example, lots of employers offer gift vouchers at a discount - we bought Ernest Jones vouchers at 10% less than their face value, and saved £70 on my ring (which was cheaper than Goldsmiths anyway). Just a thought really!
  • Thanks abbylovescakes. I have shopped around but couldn't find anything in our price range at all.

    My plan worked though, have received some clubcard donations from some very kind friends and have bought 100 pounds worth of points from another friend for the same amount in cash and we now have enough for both our rings!

    Not bad going for 100 pounds paid image

  • Does anyone know if you can print the Goldsmiths vouchers or do you have to wait for them to be delivered?

    Thanks xx
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    Thank you for the heads up on this! Im going to buy my BMs jewelery from goldsmiths now!

    Katyann- you order the voucher and it gets sent to you. Seems to be quite quick though- we ordered on Wednesday and it was dispatched yesterday!
  • Hadn't even thought of going here for wedding rings despite thinking I was a clubcard expert. Thanks SO much for this thread, you've saved us so much money! image
  • I know conversation has drifted from Goldsmiths a little... but I've been meaning to get around to swapping my points for ages.... reading this thread has reminded me and I've just done it! Thanks girls!

  • EmsBuddyEmsBuddy Posts: 280
    How do I exchang my tesco vouchers? I've £90 worth so this will me £390 in Goldsmiths which will come in handy for h2b ring!! Thanks x
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