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I've started looking around at dresses and I am a bit stunned at how this is handled. It seems obsurd that we scout these shops paying Thousands for a dress that doesn't fit us properly! image (I am told that is what the fitting is for)

I can see that this is big buisness but I think what gets lost is the fact that as a bride all we want is to look stunning on our wedding day. I don't have thousands to splash out on a dress that I will probably only wear for one day. I was originally wanting seperates but I am told that is not fashionable. Does anyone have any experience in using replica websites? I have had good reports on these two (my niece used this)

At the end of the day all the dresses come from the same place but with these you can have them made to measure! surely thats worth paying for.


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    someone i walk the dog with was telling me they had a friend who'd used a replica place and it was really nice, i considered it but decided i would be too worried about the fabrics used.

    have you thought about getting a local seamstress to make you something? then you can have separates despite what the fashion is and it means that the top part will probably be wearable again sometime
  • I totally agree with you about spending loads on a dress to wear for 1 day.

    I bought my first dress from a replica site and it was ok.

    I tried on the original dress and loved it but the replica was quite a bit different so be prepared for that.

    The original dress had a lot of crystals on but on the replica they used sequins which i was quite disappointed about as it didn't look no where near as nice. I've read many reviews about the sequin/beadwork not being that good quality so i would go for a dress with less detail.

    And be very careful with the sizing as i measured my height with my wedding shoes on and i worked out that i would have 3 inches of extra length to be on the safe side wbut when it arrived it was about 2 inches too short!

    What you have to remember is you get what you pay for. I wouldn't recommend trying the original on first as i set myself up and got let down that the replica wasn't as nice!

    I ended up selling that one on ebay and went to a bridal shop and bought a dress that was on sale, the quality is so much better.

    I hope that helps, don't want to put a negitive spin on it but i wanted you to know my experiences
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    I agree I know a lot of people really upset they use pictures and you are not getting that dress but I cheap copy and they are not made in the same place although it is the same country.

    They usually use cheaper fabric and beading.

    If you are happy to take a chance go for it but if you want a specific dress I would say dont as they do not look the same.

    My sister ordered our bridesmaids dresses from light in the box and the zips were all over the place we had to have them taken out and replaced with a corset which cost £60 a dress so worked out at the same price she would have paid for a dress here and the colour was not as requested.
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    Hi, ordered my dress from and didn't pay any import tax. I had the dress made custom size and colour. I asked for 4 and 1/2 inches extra length (figuring I'd probably wear 3 and 1/2 inch heels but wanted to keep my options open. I expected to have alterations as I wanted to cut the train off (but ordered it with so I would have the fabric sample as a swatch for H2B and my mum).

    It was a strappy dress and the straps were slightly too long and had to be shortened to bring up the bust. Once this was done the dress fitted like a glove. This did lose an inch for the heels, though luckily mine are 3 and 1/2 afterall.

    It did have some beading on it, but I specifically asked for them not to put this on, and the dress is lovely.
  • Oxfam Bridal shops do very reasonably priced dresses ( and most of them are ex-catwalk/display with only a few being second hand. You could also try sample sales at nearby bridal shops or websites like and Family/cat-Marriage/subcat-Wedding Clothes and Bridal Wear/keyword-wedding dress/e7ad2b64.html. My dress was £480 new which isn't super cheap but isn't too expensive either. You can get a new dress for a reasonable price in the UK too.
  • Hi hun i feel the same as you and i am quite lucky that there is a wedding dress maker that lives near by and has her own shop fair enough she dont charge as little as websites do but she is alot cheaper the dress im going for hopefully will cost me £600 which is a massive £1400 saving to the original, i will be going and trying the original on first though to make sure its definately the one but with most dresses from bridal shops you are paying for the designer label in the back and the quality of the dresses this lady makes are still real good and they will be using crystals etc think she was saying the materials for the dres will be £235 and the rest is paying for her time but as shes got bookings for 2014 weddings i think its fair to say shes got a good reputation
  • Not only are there cheap copy sites but the new tread is hiring which means you get the dress with out the cost.
  • You definately don't need to spend £1000's to get a lovely dress!

    Try second hand dress websites (preloved, sell my wedding dress), oxfam has bridal section, sample sales, high street (saw a bridal dress in moonsoon outlet today for £66, bargain!), tailor made. Also you can find patterns to buy online, club bmv has bridal pattern sections and evening gowns.

    Hope this helps!
  • i got mine from ebay the supplier was in china. was a little bit worried but as it was only £84 it was awful not much of a lose.

    its gorgeous. the fabric is amazing, so soft. it has a bit of detail around the higher waist which is sequins but that doesnt bother me. its worth a look
  • I received my gown from ,and I ordered it to my exact measurements, so it fits perfectly. The color and material are perfect. It looks very much like the picture, and I even asked them to add pleating across the mid-section, and they did that perfectly!

    also they have a great return policy, they'll even pay for shipping to send back if you're not satisfied.
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    I don't know where you live but I got my dress from Abbey Wedding Warehouse in Leeds. She sells mainly prototypes and some ex catwalk and photoshoot dresses. I got my gorgeous dress for £499. You don't know what designer it is as you are getting a dress that won't be in the shops for a year, but the quality is excellent - fabric, cut and beadwork. The only drawback is she has mainly small sizes. I agree with others about second hand dresses or going to a sample sale.
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