Advice please! Wedding venue has now put their prices DOWN!

Hi everyone,

We are getting married next May and have just noticed that our venue has completely changed their wedding prices; they have got rid of their "inclusive package" and priced up all the elements individually.

It now looks a lot cheaper. When broken down, our "inclusive" package worked out about £70 per guest for arrival drinks, 3 course meal, quarter bottle of wine and glass of bubbly. Now you could price up the same (with more wine per person) for about £50 image

Obviously I'm a bit peeved about this! We first viewed the venue in late June and the original prices were similar to those they are advertising now.... But when we actually went back to book it in mid July, we were told the prices had gone up for 2012 and we couldn't have the cheaper ones anymore.

And yet a mere few months later, they have gone down again! We obviously signed up and paid our deposit just at the wrong time image

Is there is any point in us querying this with the venue?! Or is it just case of "unlucky/ buyer beware" ??

Unhappy Tigs


  • Query it - what have you got to lose?
  • Are you certain the new prices include VAT? X
  • I would call up and ask. You have got nothing to lose; I would make a point of saying that you feel misled as you were told the prices were going up!
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    It's highly unlikely a venue would drop their prices unless they're really struggling to get business. Is it a popular venue? Definitely check if those new prices include VAT, or if there are any other hidden charges like room hire etc. Other than that you can ask about getting yourself a better deal but if the prices really are lower I doubt they'll lower your prices I'm afraid. It would be like buying a top and then seeing it a few months later in a sale and asking for the difference back.

  • Definatly query it, but make sure you go down and speak to the manager face to.face. People will try and.fob u off over the phone. Hope u get it sorted! Xx
  • Thanks for the replies everyone! image Feeling a bit calmer now than on Friday....

    We have rung the venue and are waiting for a call back from their events manager. Not 100% sure whether the prices include VAT, so will need to query that. A room charge is mentioned in the new pricing, although I'm not sure if that would be for the whole event, or if we'd need to pay extra for evening part.

    @ Libby; yes, we will definitely be saying that we feel misled re prices going up! We were resigned to paying the new, higher prices when we thought they were set for 2012... but didn't expect them to go down again a few months later!

    @ MrsDMDavies; the venue is a local country club. It's nice, but I don't think as popular as other venues in the area (country house hotels, stately homes, barns etc). It's a little out of the way (although very close to our home/church) and has no accommodation nearby. I assume the prices have gone down because of feedback from other couples/a lack of bookings - so perhaps some bargaining power for us?

    At the end of the day, yes, we bought the package at one price so can't really expect to get the "sale" price now. But I hope they might at least consider doing a deal for us! Might not have to squeeze our guest list so much if they do... image

    Tigs xx
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