Best places to get affordable yet good quality rings?

Take a look at the site sounds awful but they are a jewellers based in hatton garden. We went to the shop for my engagement ring and picked up some business cards which had the website on them. We then went online to order both wedding rings and got them both for under £400! Mine was a plain 18ct white gold band in 2.5 mm and h2b went for 4mm palladium ring as he has a manual job and was advised that this was the most hard wearing (other than platinum).

The rings were made to order and then delivered to us by special delivery within 2 weeks. I cant fault them at all, they are really stunning rings and do not look or feel cheap at all.x


  • Hi Francesca2012

    We used Bay rings they are brilliant! I was quoted £495 for a 18ct white gold D shaped band from the shop where my engagement ring was bought, I got the exact same ring for £135 from them and it was delivered the next day. Could not recommend enough!!

    Hope this helps!!
  • Go to hatton garden and haggle it down. Its the jewellry quarter of london so there is a lot of competition anyway so the rings are cheaper than high street shops. It's easy to haggle there too. My fiance got hundreds off on my engagement ring, we also went back for my mums eternity ring and got hundreds off, so going back for my wedding ring and hopefully haggle again! the one we used was alexander craig. Lifetime guarantee and any problems or if u need it resizing, just go down there and they do it while you wait as they have their own work shop.
  • Have you tried any small local independent jewellers.
  • Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is fantastic, and again you can haggle. We got my engagement ring from The Design Centre. The lady there was really friendly and my H2B got hundreds off
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    We bough our wedding rings from

    My H2B palladium ring was only around 140 (4mm)

    I was also looking at getting a 18ct white gold ring (2mm) for around 140 too but in the end settled for an eternity ring.

    I had a really good experience with them. We ordered his ring, and then they sent us a ring sizer to double check and we emailed them H2B ring size and then it came in the post!
  • We have ordered ours from Cooljoolz. They make bespoke rings in Birmingham.

    My engagement ring is a funny shape and i wanted one that fit exactly!!! image

    A man came for a home visit(we live in somerset) and was so lovely, i thought it was going to cost a fortune but it was really reasonable.

    For a shaped plain 9ct white gold band it's £195, my H2b can't wear a ring for work so we just ordered a plain titanium ring for him which was £80 image

    Only down side is they had to take my engagement ring to make it image

    Hope this helps.
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    Has to be Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, can't be beaten on price, that's where i'm going to get ours! xx
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    hi there was on ebay last week looking at 18k white gold his and hers rings for £450 you would have too see them too believe it theyve sold a few with good feedback im getting mine and my partners from them hope this was helpfull
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    Try online its usually a lot cheaper and just as good quality.

    I bought mine form they were perfect.

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    I would look at second hand rings. Many independent jewelers have second hand counters. Ok, you never know what you will find but hunting out a ring you will fall in love with and that is in your budget can be a real thrill. 

    There are many positives to second hand wedding rings - modern weddings rings commonly are made hollow - this reduced the weight of gold used to make the ring which reduces the cost of production. Second hand rings are more likely to be be solid so you are getting more gold/which ever metal you wish for your money. 

    There are also a lot of sites where you can buy second hand jewelery to help widen out the search zone which will enhance the possibility of finding a ring you love.

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    Why would you ever buy a second hand wedding ring?? I'm just fresh out of the ring hunting game, so I know that you can find online real bargains on really stunning rings 

    I bought mine from , the quality is outstanding and oh so beautiful while the cost is half of what I saw in the London high street shops for the exact same rings, and I had mine checked and verified.

    I could never imagine having someone else's ring on my finger for the rest of my life , when you can buy a brand new stunning wedding ring online  for these prices.

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    We got our rings in Hatton Garden at A&S Jewellery -

    They were really friendly and nice and MUCH cheaper than the many high street places we had a nose around beforehand. My wedding ring was £1200 in most high street stores and only £700 there for the same ring, so you might be able to get a proper bargain. Best of luck!

  • Online jewellers will tend to be much cheaper because they don't have to cover the overheads of having premises.

    We're using Rare Pink who I cannot recommend enough. They worked with my fiance to bespoke make me the most beautiful engagement ring, based on a 1920s Tiffany design (one of the jewellers is formerly of Tiffany's) and we've also got our wedding rings from them. Really reasonably priced (half the price of Ernest Jones), absolutely excellent service and beautiful presentation.

    We actually asked for the wrong size for my fiance's ring and they're even re-sizing it for free.

    Just for interest, this is the ring they copied for me:

    and mine looks exactly like it (but my diamond is conflict free!).

    Good luck!

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    We bought our wedding rings at Lyes jewellery. He made my engagement ring and we returned for our wedding rings. He has a really busy workshop in Hatton Garden and it was fab seeing behind the scenes. My ring was bespoke with diamonds to match my engagement ring it took 2 weeks to create and hubby had a platinum plain band. Prices were amazing as there is no shop overheads. I think they sell online too? 

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    My H2B bought my engagement ring online from James Allen. He designed it himself, down to picking the exact diamond. You get so much more for your money, even when you factor in the import tax you incur when it arrives in the country (they ship free via FedEx from New York).


    We will be buying my wedding band from them too - I'm looking at about £200 for a platinum comfort fit band and then we have a discount code on top of that. Import tax will be about £40. I can't recommend this company enough - their customer service is second to none! 

    Good luck with whatever you go for 

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    Although most people associate Blue Nile with diamond rings, they do excellent quality wedding rings too at affordable prices.

    My computer's a bit slow so couldn't get you a link to the white gold bands, but this page shows the lot ... a classic 3mm white gold wedding band, plain, is £133.20.  A 2mm band is less than £100.00.

    I've bought rings from Blue Nile before and have been impressed with quality and service - I hope you find something suitable.

    Their rings for men are great too!


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