Photo booth prices?

I searched and searched and found this gave the best value and was the better product. I am using the party booth


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    Not to sure if they travel but we are using on from the company

    They seem reasonable priced image

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    I got a quote today for £750 +vat! 

    Advertises £595+vat on their site?! that was from "i love photobooths"


    this site quoted me £495

    Have no idea what these companies are like, I'm in the early planning stages. Just getting my quotes together image I've noticed some will give double prints and charge for the images to be put on CD and vice versa. I think if folks know there are double prints they might try to take them. Years ago I had a instant camera with me at my friends weddings. I went through at least 5 film packs (10 pics in a pack) - I got one from the lot! As everyone was asking for them...

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    Ask your tog.

    Photo booths are REALLY short lived. They hold interest for about an hour...outside of that, you get the same faces and maybe one person every ten minutes or just gets overlooked.

    Some togs will do it for free, others charge but it's perfect for the gap between the wedding breakfast and first dance.

    The only thing that may not happen are the prints on the night...however the tog will no doubt use their main camera and thus you'll get much much better resulting images.

    It really surprises me how people spend so much on a simple thing such as a photo booth.

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    Ours is £500 too! That's for 4 hours usage,unlimited prints,prop/dressing up box & all pics on a CD afterwards.

    It's overpriced for what it is really,but it's fun & something I really wanted. We were going to set up a DIY booth & use my vintage polaroid camera,but films are expensive n hard to get hold of & it all seemed a bit of a faff tbh!

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    we are using a company called photopoint, we saw them at a friends wedding and booked them that night, It was a great idea,all the photos were free and they had a book to put a second copy in, we got a deal, 4 hours for the price, and are paying £300.  hope this may help

    imagegood luck xx

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    Whereabouts are you? I have a photo booth service where I set up at the reception venue with a background, studio lighting and two big boxes of props. 

    I charge £200 for two hours. 

    If you are interested then please let me know. image 

  • EmsEms Posts: 3

    Hi mimic

    That price sounds great but we saw someone doing this at a wedding with a curtain and photograph, with respect to your business it does not give the same experience as a proper photo booth. The photos came out very well though.

    Emsimage x

  • Check out  for those on a budget but want pro photos.. for those in the Hampshire or surrounding areas.

    Not a photobooth persay but a photo studio ! And much more flexible with photos etc.

  • I attended my sisters wedding in June and she used a company called ida pod photobooths. They were very classy not like some others i have previously seen. They can provide personalized backdrops for your photos, had a video messaging service as well as the photos. They also provided a beautiful personalized photobook with copies of all photos and messages from people alongside the pictures. I have now booked this company for my wedding in June.
  • We had hired a Photo booth services provider in my brother;'s marriage but I don't know the exact price. I can provide you the contact information: LOOKLOOK Ltd.

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    Another vote for picture blast. We used them for ours and it was excellent. The double prints really encouraged people to use the booth as they got to take a copy home and the attendant made sure the other one went in the guest book. Everyone loved it when we visit friends now, a lot of them have their copy of the pictures up in their houses. One of our best purchases and much better than a normal guest book. We also got the dj to announce when it was open and when it was closing and the booth was set up in the foyer so people saw it when they left or when they went for some quiet time so almost very one used it.
  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171
    We didn't pay the advertised price though, as we called them up and negotiated. Picture blast have about 21 booths in operation, do more room for movement in price I think than some smaller cos.
  • The photobooth my cousin had at his wedding was about £600. The guests really loved it - I think quality can be mixed so best to get some personal recomendations. I'll see if I can find out who they used.

    The other option is to try something a bit new like a slow motion booth. Its lots of fun:


  • Everyone loves photobooth. ShootingstarsPhotoooths is the one who gives best services in best price.

  • Make sure you ask if the setup and dismantle time is included in the hire package, we got two quotes from booth companies that advertise 4 hour packages but that also includes the setting it up time,  you pay for 4 hours but only get 3 hours up and running time. we went with these guys in the end as they seamed to offer everything that everyone else did for a fraction of the price, they also had a massive table full of hats and masks.. there guest book was awesome too as the lady in charge of it was an ex-sign writer so she added little pictures and text to making it look pretty cool.

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    You could give a try, they have a new feature that can play video back from a photo in your guest book using a free app the results are amazing they have a demo on their website, hope this helps x

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    I booked a photo booth rental company Bodacious photo booths for capturing my daughter's wedding. They did a wonderful job. They provide all their service at a very affordable rates. The packages that they offer are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. I booked gold package for my only daughter. image

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    Check out crazypod photobooths. They are a new company based in the south east of england. They prices start from £250 for 2 hours all in,with a choice of a camper van or chesterfield booth.

  • We have used these two companies several times and never had a problem, affordable and great fun to have at our wedding.

    From what i remember prices were between 350-400 but with all included. 

    Worth a browse, interested to any feedback :)

  • check these guys out, they mainly sell photo booths but also hire them out. They did my friends wedding last year and were awesome

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    Can't remember what I paid but we used Nuts About Sweets for our photo booth and Krispy Kreme donut kart. Abby was her name, she came out to the venue and stayed with the booth and helped guests do the guest book which was provided to.

    Was also going to do my own to start with but the film was expensive and in the end we decided it was to faffy and didnt think guests would do it. 

    The photo booth was a huge hit all night long, it was never empty X 

  • Did anyone use any of the recommended booth companies ? would be interesting to know how you got on?



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    We used Rentabooth for our photo booth hire, they were really good and very reasonably priced

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    I used giggle-booth and they advertise all sorts of deals every month offering different packages for certain prices on Facebook.

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