Venue rant - Prices

Warning: Rant alert!

I just have to say that I hate the fact that venues keep their prices so hidden. The number of venues who actually publish prices on their websites is not that high and I have just about come to terms with that.

Today though, I have received a brochure I requested and still no prices. Apparently I can request full menu choices and prices. I did request them, I asked for a brochure and I expected them to be included! Grrr! Fortunately, you have given me your room prices and so I can see that you are out of my price range, venue crossed off the list.

Yes I know it's my day and you just want to give me a 'tailor made package' but you know how much an average wedding costs at your venue and if it's 12k I'm not spending 2 hourse of my time driving to visit you because you are not in my budget.

Rant Over!

Anybody else get frustrated by this?




  • My favourite part was "It costs ££££££££££ to hold your wedding here/ feed x amount of guests" Ok, those prices aren't too bad...

    You get the invoice through and oh, those prices they mentioned? Yeah, those prices were without 20% VAT on them!!!


    However, I have become adept at adding 20% to everything!

  • Messy2beMessy2be Posts: 151
    I assume no prices means I can haggle haha. They don't see me coming! ..
  • I feel your pain! One of the things that reeeally annoyed me was the amount of 'gallery' photos on venue websites of close up flower arrangements, a happy couple, a delicate candle in the distance, wedding rings, everything except photos of the actual venue. image


  • MrsMcG2B1MrsMcG2B1 Posts: 293

    And after you have booked your wedding somewhere they still say, 'oh yes that costs extra, you have to pay for chair/table hire/extra catering equipment, that wasn't included'  Grrrrrrrr!!

  • Oh tell me about it!!! As we have a tight budget we wanted something nice but functional.  We found a hotel & it started at 1K that rose to 1.5K & at the moment we're up to 1.7K!!! Luckily mil2b is paying for most of the reception & hopefully it won't rise anymore,however, I'm not holding my breathe.

    It is frustrating that venue's seem to have you over a barrel when it comes to weddings, luckily I've been able to save money on other things by buying cheaper versions of what I want (ebay) or diy-ing things image

  • WelshyWelshy Posts: 67

    Messy2be - What sort of things have you haggled on? I'm thinking of going back to the venue I like and trying to get them to come down a bit as we want a simpler meal (I have the most fussy h2b ever) or maybe getting them to up the table wine/provide the chair covers for free.

    The pictures thing really annoys h2b as do the websites for some places. He is a web developer and would rather a venue had no website at all than a rubbish one!

    I guess they rely on people falling in love before seeing the cost which I get but that just isn't an option for us no matter how much we like the venue :S

  • Tink14Tink14 Posts: 21

    I'm currently researching venues and on one noticed they charge £8.50pp staff costs - is this normal?? 

  • jayellekayjayellekay Posts: 793
    Tink14 wrote (see)

    I'm currently researching venues and on one noticed they charge £8.50pp staff costs - is this normal?? 

    Not somethng I have seen before.  Normally this type of thing is hidden in the margin they are making on everything else!


    The venue might have done it - so they can be open and honest about costs (rather than just having an increasing marigin), or it might simply be an overcharge for overcharge sake!


    I stopped looking at the tiny details of pricing as some do it different (some charge for room hire, some have free room hire but much higher food prices) etc etc.

    I think it is more comparable to look at the total estimated cost of the wedding (for all the items you want).

    Then when it comes to booking (and you have already selected the venue you want) you can haggle on the lttle bits to get the cost down as far as you can.

    Only slight caveat to that is it is important to understand what it and is not included, so you know whether you are comparing like with like.

  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626

    This really annoyed me too. I can understand that some places don't offer packages as such, so I guess it's hard for them to provide prices on their websites; but they can at least show venue hire costs.

    I would suggest typing up a standard email that you can fire off to different venues. I did this, and found it got straight to the point; I'd simply explain what I wanted (50 day guests, with 2 welcome drinks and canapes pp, 3 course meal with 1/2 bottle wine and champagne to toast, 80 evening guests, exclusive use, etc), and ask them to come back with a broken down quote for each thing. Also ask what is and isn't included; extras can add up, and some venues provide more than others, in a package price.

  • Mrs BakeMrs Bake Posts: 1,651

    I actually gave up after finding all the extra hidden costs! I've decided to hire some grounds cheap for cash, and have booked each thing myself. It's cost more than I planned but still considerably less than if we'd gone for a package!

  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    I went back to a venue we loved, and said it basically was the place for us, but we couldn't afford the marquee hire, and they reduced it by £750!! Also gave us huge discounts on the room rates and removed the minimum room booking requirement, so I think some places are ok. Having said that, not booked with them yet, so think there will be an email going off to ask them to list exactly what is included, and what would be extra!

    I really hate brochures that spend about 10 pages telling you what a wonderful time you will have there, but no actual info like menus or drinks packages, and no prices

  • Boo181Boo181 Posts: 107

    I hate this too - when I first started looking for venues, I fell in love for Sandhole Barn in Cheshire, but it would have been easier to get the secret recipe for Coca Cola than it was trying to get a straight answer on prices!

    In the end, we decided straight off it was too expensive and didn't even go to view it.

  • emmalcmemmalcm Posts: 44

    I tend to think that venues trying o hie their prices are just trying to reel you in first before charing you a fortune! We got some 'information' from a few hotels who did the same thin-fancy booklets and menus all with no prices. There was one 3 star hotel who (when we finally got it out of them) wanted £2,220 plus VAT just for room hire!!! In the end we decided to hire a function room and sort out everything individually/ do a lot more 'home made' rather than bookng a hotel package and it's going to work out much cheaper even though it is more work.

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